Welcome to my web pages, I am Raymond Walker and the author of the stories and books that you will read about here. I have been writing for many years and so I have a great deal to tell you about. I have written of the normal and everyday world, the fantastical and unknown as well as a number of Horror and Science fiction tales.
I hope that you enjoy my novels and tales, a few of which are included on this site.

She Wept Black Tears.
Was released on the the first of September this year (2017) This Gothic Fantasy or Faerie Tale is an odd look at our Northern land,  It centres upon a tale told by a hill walker that  happens upon an ancient Hill fort near to Kilmartin village.  A trekker, a hill walker will find something wondrous and a world he only imagined could exist.
The Blurb for the book reads;  There is a war coming, visceral, bloody and damaging. The Morrigan sits upon a crumbling stone wall and knows that more blood will be spilled here. Soon. A man goes hill walking just to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and happens upon a ruined hill fort that no one has seen in an age. The relic was once the scene of an ancient battle, a battle that rages still, unseen, between Celtic and demonic forces, magical and mystical and it is about to reach its unholy end. Rob, the aesthete, the fool, the romantic dreamer, is about to get drawn into the strangest of worlds.
The Painting.

The Painting the Island and the Demon

In this strange world, much like our own an unlikely hero embarks upon three very different quests overseen by a supernatural being known only as "The Observer". The tasks are simple, to free dead children, lost at sea, from the clutching hands of loving bereaved parents. Survive an eternity of obsessive love and win a battle that cannot be won, as it has already been lost and banish a Demon to the underworld. A new book by Raymond Walker, the author of "The Secret Inside" and "The River Girls Torment" Combining Dark Fantasy and Horror with an almost homely setting this book will, at times, tug upon your heartstrings, fill you with anticipation and dread as twilight approaches and the shadows grow long over western Argyll.

The Quiet Snow

"The Quiet Snow" removes every trace of love from Rob's life. Gwen is gone, then her footprints disappear, then her smell, her body and love vanish; covered with a thin film of falling snow. All trace of Gwen is gone and forgotten. But Rob has not forgotten her, She may be missing but he has to keep looking for her, Gwen cannot be dead, they would have found a body. She cannot be alive, she would have called me, came home. And So Rob searched the hills and glens looking for his lost love For years and years. Many years passed in his search of the impossible. Rob, started to forget and in letting her go he was to find her again.

I do not believe in the cycles of life and love that Mr Walker commits to but when I read this I want to be convinced. I want to be swept away in that rush of emotion. Heartrending and beautiful. I want to be that girl. Lost but always looked for, always a part of someones dreams and thoughts.

This is not romance fiction except in the barest sense, never is she overpowered or empowered by him.Janice McLennan.

The book review. 

The Crows Feather

The season has set sail here in to the warm west and winter has dug it's claws in. Deep. Every tree in my garden is skeletal now, branches reaching upwards towards a grey sky as if beseeching Odin for sunshine or even a break in the solid monstrous grey roiling gloom that lies above me prophesying doom. 

A wonderful conglomeration of tales ending with the cessation of a happy life. Commencing with the wondrous, if dark, tale "The Crows Feather" and incorporating the novellas; "A Picture upon the Wall", "A Wolf in the Hills" and the strange distopian tale; "Wisdom lies in adaptability" all built in the mercurial mind of Raymond Walker.

A beautiful and unexpected new novella. Groundbreaking and different stuttering between life and fantasy and holding that unholy ground that lies between.

Rob Anderson. Author of "Elizabeth" and "From the Top".

A great Tale, Well Told, I await the next with baited breath. Mr Walkers books are rapidly becoming my preferred reading.

Janis McLennan; The Book Review.

Life, Love and Death by Raymond Walker.

A depiction of true love in the real world. Fantastical and surreal, no one expects a true love, taken and given, to be real and honest yet it is, our romantic dreams are not only dreams as true love, romance and magic lives in our minds and souls. 
It may not have form or substance but love is an important part of our life. 
Eternal love is the theme here but I never leave the natural world where life and death intervenes, and love can be both a saving grace and a terror beyond words.

Love gives, love burns and kills, Love hurts, yet it can also be beautiful and everlasting. 

This book in fictional, fantastical short tales looks at each aspect carefully with feeling and good sense.

Pre- release reviews have been great and it will arrive soon.

The River Girls Torment
A great romantic novel. Available now from Amazon in both paperback forms and via kindle as a digital download. 
There is a girl in the River, a beautiful girl, she has long brown hair that curls like River weed. She has dark eyes, that glow with the colours of the River, she is sinuous as the eddy's and currents that make the River live and Rob has been looking for her his whole life.
She is the girl in the River and he is the one that watches her. He wishes to find out about her, he wishes to know her, his River girl, he wants to understand her and perhaps even love her but the River Girl will try to tame him before the end.

 Nut Brown Eyes
This is the cover For the Anniversary edition of Nut Brown Eyes which will be released on the First of January 2016
The book was originally released on the very same day way back in 2001 and was my very first published novel.
To celebrate its fifteenth anniversary I decided to rewrite the novel and re-release it using the original ending, which I discarded in favour of the published ending after completion of the tale in 2001.
As I began the re-writing process I remembered just how much I had enjoyed the tale and so decided to simply do a re-write but keep the original story and ending. It is longer now of course and I have included the original ending but as an alternative for people to read after they have finished the tale. There are many extras and notes which I have detailed on the Nut Brown Eyes Page. 


When Night Reigns Supreme

An original set of novellas and short tales set deep in darkness, from the "new master" of the art. (Jason Hodgkiss, author of The Macabre Dance). 

Delve into the darkness and read of The boy who becomes a wolf. The shadow that creeps from its crypt at night, dead children that still scream for their mothers, or those that risen from the sea seek to serve at the alters of the dead.

A polar opposite to the loved "Moonchild and other tales" 

Darker, deeper, dirtier and dramatic. You will be transported to the wilds of Scotland, the ark old places, where nightmare and history become one. 

Robert Anderson author of "From the Top" and "Happy Days"

Moonchild and other Tales

A young girl, abandoned in the ancient Caledonian forest seeks refuge in the arms of a hill walker, or so it seems to the casual observer. A River Sprite seeks solace in the arms of a human, as her world is disappearing. A moon-child creeps from her Holt
beneath an ancient tree, scenting the night air, and is enveloped in the world of humans.

The man who fell in love with death, who no longer wishes to live but cannot die tells his tale. Goats that debate in shady glens at night discuss revolution, Wolves that are men and men who are wolves wonder of their purpose in life. True love remains eternal in the worthiest of sad tales.

These new Faerie and folk tales, of Scotland, from the pen of Raymond Walker, Author of “A River of Tears” and “The Secret Inside” embody the living soul of Scots folk and faerie tales.

Neil Mara . Scotland Undiscovered.

Enchanting, beautiful, haunting and timeless. Never have I read of such beauty as I have here. The innocence reverberates in every tale. Beautiful.

Mari Welsh,  The Highland Art review.

Nestled in a quiet Glen on the West Coast of Scotland lies the sleepy village of Kilmartin. Shrouded and encircled by the ancient Caledonia forest that once covered all of Europe Canada and North America, this is one of its last bastions. There are stone circles, neolithic crypts, cysts, Hill Forts and Duns spread through Kilmartin Glen. Kilmartin sleeps with the slumber of the truly ancient.
The people that live In Kilmartin Glen t are mainly happy, comfortable; warm. They have their worries, their lost loves that they still dream of and they have their quiet little lives, yet not, is all, as it sometimes seems.
Not everything is sleeping, as things are stirring in the quiet places, the shadows, the earthy dark, near the village and people are beginning to notice what is going on around them.
Old love stories are being Re-Enacted, Old Shadows are regaining their forms and looking to regain life. Beneath old crypts, old gods are lifting their old heads and opening their pale scarred eyes.
 From the pen of Raymond Walker, The award winning author of "The River Sprite, and "Eternal Love" comes this triumvirate of novels all set in or near the village of Kilmartin. 

The Miscast Fate

It was always Todd's fate to be ridiculed, after all he had never amounted to much, a failed scientist who was thought to be a flake by his peers. All because he had some strange ideas and was not afraid to share them. An astrophysicist that was interested in astronomy was one thing but one interested in astrology was something very different indeed. Todd has fallen desperately in love with the equally smart and rather exotic Jasmine who lives a world away and would do anything to be with her even if it means changing the nature of science. This romantic drama from the pen of Raymond Walker, the acclaimed author of "The Secret Inside" and "Twisted Sisters" brings together a beautiful and fascinating love story intertwined With a fast moving science drama. Todd races to save the love of his life from her fate and he will see it done even if he has to change the universe to achieve it. After all how can you change what is written in the stars


The Shed.

I started writing this as a short story for no other reason than the idea appealed to me and I needed a break from "The Miscast Fate" as I decided upon a possible branch in the story and a re-write. I am still considering this possibility and will have to make a decision soon. To carry that problem far from my mind I decided to write a short story that I had thought of.

So began "The Shed" 

I often start writing these short stories and start thinking I should be concentrating on a novel after all that is where my income comes from, short stories do not sell well even as a book unless you are very well known and even if you are they still sell many fewer copies than a novel.

This little story, a little idea caught my imagination as I was writing it as things sometimes do and what was supposed to be a short story has turned into an eighty page novella. Something that I would not normally release as a paperback. Sometimes I do as an e-book but all the initial reviews were so good  that I have no choice but to.

It is available now.

   The Shed.

Rob Loves his wife and she was trying to stop smoking. He tried to help her by smoking only in the garden shed. Such a good husband but what else was he doing out in the shed as he was having a cigarette? What was he doing for those ten minutes he disappeared for every hour or so? What problems was he creating? She was just trying to stop smoking as every one should. He was busy summoning daemons.  
Despite his clumsy attempts at sorcery something has broken through the veil that separates this world from the next and it needs to feed. 
This classic novella from the pen of Raymond Walker and reminiscent of the tales of Lovecraft, Elliot and James is printed here in its original form for the first time.

The Secret Inside.

Everyone has "A Secret Inside", a place where no one goes, always hidden from others buried deep in the dungeons of thier soul.
A perversion that they will not admit to, a longing to take someones life.
A lust that lies unfulfilled, a wish to dominate, A desire to humilate and humble.
Sometimes these thoughts haunt thier dreams, sometimes thier waking hours. It comes crawling up from the darkest depths of thier being, rising from its lair to hurt and damage destroy and maim.

A new life together and a fresh start welcome Mae and Rob to thier new home in Argyll. In the Heartland of historical Scotland they settle in to enjoy the happy home that they have always wanted. But there is something unusual about thier new home and whilst Rob seeks answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for.

Robs tantrums, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way but Mae will have her Idylic home no matter who or what she has to kill to get it.


Sunday the "2nd" of September saw the release of the first volume in the Trilogy "AND THE SEA SHALL GIVE UP IT'S DEAD".  "OVER THE TEARS OF THE FALLEN" is available to buy now from Amazon and all good book retailers.


Be sure to check out the stand alone websites for  "Over the Tears of the Fallen"
and for "She Wept Black Tears" 

Winters Ghost.

Winters Ghost has now been released with great reviews from the Critics, You can read some of them on the books cover and I will add some here as time passes. For the moment I will tell you only  of the books release add the blurb and a link to the book, hoping that impressed, you buy it.

The Blurb reads.

I stared awestruck and humbled by the Kraken before me that consumed the long shingle beach with a carnivores veracity, with patches of golden sand and small rocks that tumbled and fell with each passing movement of the giants teeth, devouring the beach with every surge of its hide and teeth, pulling rocks back into its hungry maw, shells, small fish, crabs and all manner of sea creatures scrabbling to pull themselves away from this all-consuming monster that has no thought or sense but devours all that lies in its way with no cunning, no mind, yet with a strange kind of avarice, wishing all to be part of it, to be consumed by it.

In this way a man's doom was sealed and he faced his doom with acceptance, hopefulness and even with a thought of deliverance. The man will meet his own daemons, his own fears and will either be drawn into conflict or accept his fate. This new novel by Raymond Walker is a ghost story with a difference. You can buy the book now by following this link. 



You may wonder what It is like wandering through the ancient Caledonia forest and reaching the sea when the inner Hebrides exist in a moment lost in time. 






The blurb reads; It is dark as Rob heads out to the shed to complete his work. The moon is eclipsed by scurrying clouds and the sky is bruised with a late sunset. The hail stings his face and fear grips him as he pushes stray strands of hair away in the whipping wind. It is near Christmas and many of his neighbors have strung lights up to dispel the gloom and darkness that winter in Scotland brings but Rob does not see them his focus centered on "The Shed" He goes to face the darkness and all that it contains, he goes to face evil and death, possession and entrapment. 
It lies before him silent and dark, brooding and ramshackle bathed in the eternal night that it has become, a place of frights and chills and things that scuttle away before your feet. Rob lifts the lock and enters "The Shed" as even the December wind stills and quiets, the rains fury gaining ground and a rumble in the air of thunder; to have a cigarette. 
June wonders what Rob does out in that shed at night for ten minutes every hour or so to fill up his time as she waits the television program paused until he comes back. She is bored and so was he sitting out there in the cold. That's is why he decided to summon a Demon.


The Secret Inside

"The Secret Inside"

Raymond Walkers novel was released on the first of June 2013. This deliciously dark tale of a couple moving to their dream home in mid Argyll, Scotland.

A home that they love but a home that holds many secrets, horrible secrets, Dire secrets, Deadly secrets.

Even deep within their encompassing walls the dark seeps up and they have moved to a place where history is formed and much of that history is dark. Much of that history is blurred by time but that which has been long interred may yet rise again

An ancient evil, long buried, lies beneath their feet and begins to wake. An ancient curse waits to be fulfilled. Rob and Mae know little of what lies beneath them they are just looking for a new home and a happy life but all their dreams will be shattered and an awful secret will be revealed.

Raymond Walker 

Is the author of fourteen novels, many compendiums of short stories and two books of poetry that he does not like to talk about.

He was born in 1962 and raised in Argyll, Scotland, before moving to Edinburgh to attend university.
His love of the countryside, forests, mountains and the relics of his native Scotland are reflected deeply in his writing. His tales echo Scotland's dark past and history, the unknown places and wonders at the point where reality dips into fantasy until nothing is quite as it seems.
He currently resides in Ayr, Scotland with his long-suffering wife.

Not one to be pigeonholed his books range from Romances and Ghost stories to Historical fiction and Fantasy. He is the winner of several writing competitions and his books have received critical acclaim worldwide. He is working on his new novel; "The Lost and Lonely War"" which will be the second volume in the trilogy "And The Sea shall give up it's Dead" 

"Over The Tears of the Fallen" was released in September this year(2018)  

Additionally he is soon to publish a mirror volume of the critically acclaimed "Moonchild and other Tales". This will be called "When Night Reign's Supreme" a darker and more dramatic take on his normal fantasy works. Hopefully the second volume will enchant people as much as the first.

To Buy any of the featured books just click the link below;

Just some reviews for Raymond Walkers Books;

 Nut Brown Eyes

Nut Brown Eyes was wonderfully written with good
characterization and descriptions. It captured my
attention and imagination from beginning to end.
There is a quote from Piccaso at the beginning of
the book that describes my overall feeling.
It says, " Everything you can imagine is real"
R. Walker weaves in the ordinary and obvious, magic
and mysticism, giving the story a good dynamic, beautiful
texture, and imagery that stay with you long after the story ends.
Overall, this is a well written book that I would definitely recommend.
A River of Tears
A River of Tears is a wonderful and magical journey through the tribulations of love in our mortal realm, and of the human spirit's struggle against time and death. These tales open a window to the unknown where the heart's eternal search for a true immortal love seems possible.
It is beautifully written and clearly presented, never gets bogged down in narrow details. An entertaining as well as inspirational read.
A light of hope, a way to our souls...a whisper of Eternity.
Simply outstanding. I did love it.
Twisted sisters
I really enjoyed this story. It is an engaging
tale of a bittersweet love, passion and pain. The
romance takes the reader through a wide range of
emotions whilst providing depth to the characters
personalities.It is..in a way, a psychological
incursion on the nature of a love used and abused
by a selfish and heartless person.
Excellent book. Wish I could find stories like
this more often.
Tales from this Northern Land
This collection of stories is enchanting and intense. These tales took me to that beautiful and mystical Scottish land and its people. They sent me back and forth in time in a fantastic journey, along which a difficult and ardent romance unfolds in the mids of a struggle to survive...or rather save the spirit of a man and his land. Excellent.
Absolutely wonderful, but this was such a difficult book to review. I didnt know whether to review the three novellas and five stories contained therein as a whole or individually. Since i could have written reams on some of them (and i didnt want to bore anyone rigid), i have decided to write an overview on the complete book. So here goes; i found them an enchanting array; a mixture of the mystical and pure human emotion, as always with R. Walker, i became part of the tale, i felt the longing, the love; the hope of each and every character for a short time (way too short a time in my opinion) i became them; i loved as they did, suffered as they did, hoped for the future that they hoped for and died as they did, for i didnt want any of these stories to end, i wanted to continue living in them for a lifetime.
One more thing i have to say is upon reading these tales and although i have lived in Scotland all my life, i had never realised what a beautiful, magical and wonderful place Scotland is.
I see it so differently now, since reading R. Walker's work, every time i do something as simple as walking the dogs, these days love stalk's me from theundergrowth, nymphs scamper in the tree branches and there is a hope of a world new born, or perhaps more ancient.


I found this very different from R.Walker's previous books, especially at the beginning; being pretty much historical fiction though it was as always well written and conceived. As the story developed however: through its many plot twists and turns, I realised that this will appeal to Mr Walkers earlier readers but will attract many new followers. I challenge anyone to predict the ending while still reading but the clues are all there. Without giving too much away, Cornelius becomes one of the best anti-heroes I have ever read. Highly recommended.


This is truly a fascinating book. I was taken in after reading the first pages, first of all, because it is written in a refreshingly original way. It also is rich in historical foundation, depth of characters, and wit. The stories of war in legendary Rome, adventure, magic, and suspense make Cornelius a captivating read. The plot empowered with love and the supernatural carries with it something you never want to let go of, and when the book ends, you simply want more. The eroticism and pleasure of lovemaking is so enthralling toward the end that I lost myself in the story for a moment. However I think the overall message of the book is love and its transforming power...how love transforms and liberates. I believe readers of love and romance as well as those who enjoy historical fantasy and fiction will find something to treasure in this book. Very well done. Really amazing.   


A Shiver

This book shows how our lives and basic needs have not really changed throughout the ages. One not to be missed, loved it.


Another wonderful story from Raymond Walker. I loved it and couldn't put it down till I had got to the end. I will definitely be looking out for more stories by this Author.


A Pale Shadow Creeps 

 Another great story from Raymond Walker, who never fails to deliver an enjoyable read. I couldn't put it down and just couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. With the style in which Raymond writes his stories you always feel like you're there and living the story with the characters. I have read all Raymond's books and have to say this is one of my favorites.

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