Luckily it seems to be working. Catching popular attention. I have my fingers crossed.

You never really know with these things wither it will catch on or not. People are strange. lol- if youre a stranger.



A Pale Shadow Creeps sees me jumping Genre’s again though not nearly as much as Cornelius did. Rather i see it as an extention or extrapolation of some of my earlier books.

Rooted firmly in the mystery and suspense field it follows “Rob” a writer in search of a successful novel. Following advice from an already succesfull novelist Rob buys a cottage in mid-Argyll, Scotland, to find inspiration and a hero for his make or brake novel. He has plowed every last penny he has into this final chance for success.

He buys an old cottage at Kilmartin and settles in to write his novel but all is not right for whilst walking to one set of standing stones he particularly wished to see Rob stumbles across a stone cairn.

Of itself there is nothing unsual in this as mid-Argyll is littered with ancient relics; cairns, stone circles, standing stones, burial mounds, duns and hill forts. But somehow this one seems different and for some reason quite frightening even to Rob who loves such places.

From there the story develops as Rob seems to be haunted by a wraith or spirit which scratches at his door and howls in the night but doing little damage other than being unsettling.

But the spirit has a dark purpose and Rob will find out what it is all too soon for his liking.



 In the midst of a storm filled Scots winter; A Pale Shadow Creeps from Its tomb of stones and broken bones and rises into the night. Its place must be taken beneath the Cairn from which it rose to be truely free and living. Whosoever wakened it shall take its place beneath the wet sod of the Argyll hills.
Rob is too busy enjoying his new home. He worries about the novel that he needs to write, the money he needs to earn and the new love that he has found.
Threats from ghosts, shadows or wraiths are not someting he takes seriously. As all takes a turn for the worse things have not become so bad that he thinks he has some thing to fear
 other than himself.  But he does.
Fear is in us for a reason; to keep us safe. To make sure we run rather than fight back.

and should Rob be afraid?

Oh yes he should.





A Pale Shadow Creeps RaymondWalker