I do not write with a view to "selling" books" (phew you say, wiping the sweat from your forehead) rather because I enjoy writing them. That said I am just like every other writer and wish to make a little money from my wares. I do wish to sell some books when I can. If you have had a look through the pages here you will have noticed that I have quite a few books for sale already which you can buy online in digital and paperback formats from Amazon and all good bookshops. Here I get to tempt you (hopefully) with the books that will be released in the next couple of years. Of course as you may have ready noticed "She Wept Black Tears" Is now out and doing well as is "Winters Ghost"  I hope that you enjoy those titles. These are the others that will appear in the next few years.

When Night Reign's Supreme.

 I do not have a release date (yet) for "When Night Reign's Supreme"  but I am hoping that it will be sometime next year. This massive collection of horror tales, short stories and novellas will be a great read for aficionados of the genre. This volume contains some already successful and notable tales such as "The man who fell in love with death", "The Island" and "A Pale Shadow Creeps"  which have all been re-Imagined for this volume but it also includes many new tales and a couple that are so old I had forgotten writing them.  Many of my readers sometimes get annoyed with me jumping genres. Expecting a romance they buy the next book and read a horror tale or wishing a fantasy they get historical fiction. With "When Night Reigns Supreme", there will be no ambiguity. This is a collection of Horror stories, novellas and even a short novel.

No matter the length of the tale they are all horror  or supernatural fiction. 

Winter's Ghost.


"Winters Ghost"  will be released in 2018. There is still some argument wither it will be released for the summer market (in April) or for the Christmas market (in October) but it is complete and "ready to go"  The Book is both a "ghost story" (surprise, surprise) and an unusual romance.

This novel is based upon true events though I have taken a number of liberties with the story to ensure that it suited my purposes. 

Of course the essential story is a ghostly tale of haunting filled with creepy moments and building suspense. Sharp frights and  the nature of the haunting are revealed gradually whilst a  surprising romance happens in the background. Or does it? 


"And The Sea Shall Give up It's Dead"

I started writing this novel a number of years ago now with a view to it being released in 2015. But the novel grew and grew and was never quite complete, none the less I sent it off to my publisher hoping that they would pick up on it. I was lucky and they liked it but already at a thousand pages and not complete I was signed for a trilogy. The problem with a trilogy these days is that you have to have the third book written before the first is published (just in case you die before you have completed it). I am still working on the third book and hope to finish it soon. 

The first book will be called "Over the Tears of the Fallen"

The Second;  "The Legion of the Dead" and the last, of course, "And the Sea shall give up its Dead"  

I am sorry I have just added a random picture (even if it is appropriate) but the agreed covers are not yet available .