Hello all and welcome to my website which focuses on my books, musings and writings.  From this page you should be able to access most of the items on the site as well as gain an Idea of what I am working on at the moment. You can view and purchase my past works and see what the future may hold. I have also included a few short stories, out-takes and thoughts should you wish to read them. There are also links to other stuff if you are interested. My name is Raymond Walker and I am an author. Books, short stories, Novellas and even some rather bad poetry has passed from my pen to paper over the years and I formed this site to tell you of it.
I hope that you consider it worth a look.
Like any author, good bad or indifferent I wish to sell my books and so I will be advertising whatever my next book is on this page. I hope to update it every time a new book is on the horizon.

 Over The Tears of the Fallen.

 "Over The Tears of the fallen" was released on September 2nd this year (2018) 
Under the Atlantic ocean a presence stirs, an old god returns to a semblance of life, it grows, takes form and seeks to be worshiped once more. Three friends, unknowingly in cahoots with other sea gods and provided with an army of dead fishermen try to thwart this possible domination of the seas. The friends, set out to destroy this old god and send it back to the depths from where it came but they have a traitor in their midst, a collaborator and the army of old dead fishermen may not be all they wish them to be. 
A dark thriller from Raymond Walker the author of "She Wept Black Tears" and "The Secret Inside".
Dark and brooding  "The Tears of the fallen" grips the reader from the outset and propels us through storm tossed seas, fishermen lost to the waves, a strange presence in the deeps to a group of friends trying to find out what is going on. The first volume in a Horror trilogy that you will enjoy immensely, the only bad thing being that we have to wait for the next volume.
Sanjeev Khan. The Book Review. 
A paradise for the horror reader. I have remarked before that I believe Raymond Walker to be the latest in a long line of great "Horror" writers. There are echoes of Clive Barker, Stephen King, Lovecraft and Robert E Howard in his works but each remains, uniquely, his own. I suspect that this may be the series that propels him to international stardom. It was always going to happen.    
 Penelope Myskow. Poetry Monthly.

Book Reviews

I am and have always been a reader of books, Now I also write them and many have told me that the reviews that I post here and there of other peoples books give them insight into wither they would like to read them. So I decided to do this blog that will simply post book reviews.

The Silence of Ghosts By Johnathan Aycliffe.

Another Glorious work of art from Mr Aycliffe (Danial Easterman). There are few in the world that can write a ghost story such as this man. I only aspire to write as well as he.  In this tale he follows standard routes yet even then the tale is creepy , the setting wonderful and strange. A master of the art in my opinion. 

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