"Life, Love and Death"

"Life love and death" will be released within the next couple of weeks, It is a short book, only a hundred and fifty pages or so.

It consists of three novellas encompassing the title and juxtaposing all three. I like all of them even though I am rarely happy with my work. The critics love them it seems, I always get better criticism for short stories and novellas than I do for novels.

No Idea why that should be but I do not mind being singled out in that way. The scary thing is my next two books will be novels. I am hoping the critics will latch on to them in the same way that they have my short tales. 

Anyway "Life, Love and Death" will be released shortly.

I will add the reviews and credits another night once it is available for all to read.

I am hoping it will be for sale everywhere in the next few weeks.

02/07/2016- update.

Love, Life and death is now available to pre-order on kindle and is now available to buy online from Amazon in paperback format. I hope that everyone likes it.