Another new one that i hope you like; TIme Passes.



What passes, passes,

What stays remains,

I remember; Saturdays when we never dressed,

Sundays, when I took you home, you cried,

We sat naked on the sofa, watching cool films,

We drank we ate we loved and loved again

For days on end

During the week we worked

Dug deep and worked

I remember, you sleep more than me, comfortlessly,

Mondays; I drink my wine, grow sleepy,

Sleep deeply, and do it again, and again

For months on end.

And what comes, comes,

What matters does not.

I remember; the look of you on a cruise ship sun shadowed,

Tuesdays, we sit, we work and I get home late, tired,

And we sit in front of the TV, taking breaks,

For cigarettes. To stretch my legs, again

For years on end

What matters; matters,

And what comes, comes

I gave up to you, Surrendered myself one Wednesday night

Wednesdays; A you tube party or television, songs

And visions of our life together, crying

Take a break, no revolver, no worth

And eras end




A poem for the beautiful June this christmas.


And tired you came upon me

With summers brightened blush,

Smile so sweet to melt the sun

That brushed the sky that day

Auburn and lazuli; natures colours,

Contended in your eyes as some say

Mother nature wept that day

that I first beheld your beauty

Into those darting depths my spirit runs

Drips and turns, swirls and dwells happily

And stays to dawdle and dip once and again

gazing at your silken hair, and Faye

Garnishes you with a lilac scent; Wildflowers

Burnish your skin as does the sun in its way

And I am blinded by beauty and the haze

Of winter in the love we share

Summer yields; Recognising a saviour

Creating something more than its warmth conceived

Matchless and wondrous yet a woman full grown

And bringing beauty unmatched to tired eyes

And winter quailed at the site humbled

In the cold sere fields, and hoarfrost of the day

Lay like petals upon your skin and burn

Giving warmth to even the coldest winter wind.

Until that sun shall rise again and morning come

Sun flowered pink lovers lips tasting of dew and honey.

I shall imagine you with me Close and careful.

And though I may pass from this world and leave you

Still I will remain with you Filling my day

fulfilling my night and Always, my love

And though we traverse steep climes and sad times.

You are nothing less than the love of my life.





A new one and rather epic poem but i think if read right a goodie. So so i present unto you; beucephalus







My friend,

Take your place amidst the pantheon of the mighty.


Of greater heart than the bronze clad myth you carry.


Will stride into legend and history

Your name shrouded in strength and ability.

My friend

Take your place in eternal history, legend and verse,


Of greater strength than the general upon your back,


Will stand true and sure for mans union with beast

From now and forever till victories’ feast.

My Friend,

Take your place amongst the friends of that renowned man.

You ,

Whose heart of bronze carried the mighty ,


Whose strengths carried him daily,

Whose thew’s saw him victorious,

Whose victories caused the world to shake,


who were his and his alone, carried him to triumph

Lifted him from the birthing mundane unto zenith,

You, my friend carried him there and beyond.

Against nature against thought

Carried him to battle again and again, distraught

It is not my nature, not in my thought

Against my nature my love my thought

Against my nature, but I am caught

The one that loves me I know so well

His smell, I accept apples from his hand

Carrots and sugar and turnips and

He holds me tight as he shows me the land

I ploughed it long before I became what I am

War horse,

Fledgling killer

Nothing less than a tool for my master,

Burnished and bronzed but hard as steel;

You Will feel my hooves before you feel my masters bronze

For he rides me high, The king upon his steed

his thigh’s hold me tight and keep me to my course

Till we kill and jump and

I felt the prick on my belly as I jumped the shield wall

I saw my friend take two as he fell pierced by an arrow,

Cut him deep, he fell, into the shallow

After the wall, I found it hard to keep my legs

Not so deep the cut but the pain held me and I grew wild

Lashed out, flailing, assailing those who would

Plough us under, cut us asunder, create ruin and waste

Fell us all as we stood, brimming



War horse,

proud and living

Trampling the dead and bruising the living,

Coated red now with blood; both steed and man

You will, feel my wrath and my iron shod hooves no sword

Has my master left upon my mount

Yet he guides me still, calm and unaffected

His thighs hold me tight and we dance before his court

Till he swaggers and falls and

I feel the red blood upon me and the heat and salt in my mouth

I remember my paddock friends who have departed this world

Or will with wounds that will never heal

I stood prancing before the court, on tired legs

The pain not bad but the losses hard and I lashed out

At those who held me and harmed many

think of us simply as beasts. Fodder for ruin, simply waste

Without us there would be no winning.

War horse

Tall and noble

Battle again and again simply surviving,

My coat is chestnut now, from the blood of the dying

You will feel; my power, my bearing, my iron shod hooves

Has my master Taken me into account

He guides me still as i do he, and ride to victory

One after the other and again another, till sand rises in the west

History is shaped in his and my breath and will be until my death.

And so I took the field again and again, never breathless.

I took victory in my stride on tired legs

Exhaulting in my masters glories and his victories

Fed well I grew strong and flourished

For we were one he and me and we ruled the killing field

Without us there would be no winning.

War horse,

Strong and able

Life after life without thought we took

My coat is black now with the blood of the dead

My strength is complete, full grown, my sinews replete with strength

I am what he wishes me to be

A master of destruction, a machine of blood and flesh ,

Capable of destruction, yet just a beast, I have become the stuff of nightmares

A bright of darkness, a whimper of hell, a dark nights daydream.

And so I took to the field again and again, without hope

I faced elephants and camels and strange birds

Grew fat on the pickings though all I wished was grass

For we were one he and me and we ruled the seas of grass.

It was the home of our fathers our sires our home.

And there I wished to be.

War horse

Old but learned

Gifted in the state of war, stood my ground

My coat grows crimson with the gore of the dying

I grew full and strong again, wounds healed, back to myself

I am all that he wishes me to be

I rode full to the wind chasing the midnight star. Chasing fleeing Darius.

I rode full into the sand and storm my nightmares and my destiny

I stood tall upon the hill, knowing my master he knowing me

We faced the beasts of the east, tireless they seemed

though we had not eaten in weeks, still we pushed them

Harried them till they faltered and failed and relented to my masters whim.

I rode full into those camels and elephants chasing his dream

I stood tall as only I could and drew grace from his achievements.






We trotted ever east through Persia, through mountains and places unknown,

Through deserts, scrub land, holy land, parched land and land never known.

The grass sere, landscape mountainous, nothing is as it was.

We moved ever east through Persia, deep valleys stone hills into the unknown,

Through the lands of our fathers forgotten now and parched bare, nothing sown

No seed, no water, no love, even my master thought little of his cause.


We traversed the desert my hooves struggled to find purchase in this stone land

and I felt weary, tired to the bone, no water, no grazing and so far from home.

No grass, no grazing , in this land of little and no laws.


I lay in the sun baking, I stood in the night freezing and grew to hate this land.

And I felt weary, no grazing, no grass, so little water and so far from home.

The landscape sere and tough, mountainous, it was.



We left that land of little and nothing

Marched due east to come upon something

Marched through desert of little and nothing

Desert grass that would cut you to the bone

Desert land, sere, arid, and yet something

Held us close and tight even as the bells would ring

We were unassailable, strong in their tone

But no harm came unto us even in our home

Of tents and covers , and cover; for an army on the march

Ignore the unforeseen, ignore the screams and cries for help

We left this land of little or nothing

And marched and marched and came upon nothing

But desert and desert and small towns striving for a living

Nothing that would feed a horse, no less an army

And we went hungry for lack of feed, the humans did too.

Villages full of the starving clung to us as the bells would ring

No foe, nothing, no feed even when they let us roam

And so we chased shadows through the desert looking for food

We chased rainbows in our hunger hoping we could feast

And marched and marched and found nothing, till the river




Hold to me my lord as I hold unto you

Hold me tight keep me warm, feed me and love me,

For I love you.

My master who keeps me warm

Feeds me and cares for me, shelters me for the night,

For I love you

Hold to me the love as I hold unto you

Shelter me from the winter winds and keep me safe,

For I love you.

My lord and master both and I hold unto you

Your slave, your subject and my protector

For I love you.

Who feeds me and keeps me warm, knows me

Leads me to glories that I know none of

For I love you

Beast love, protector and as I hold on to you

|feed me, love me, and hope for me, I shall carry you . Safe,

For I love you.



We left the desert for the winter winds

We climbed into the mountains and majesty

Unto story and history, the Hindu Kush

The top of the world, mystery and majesty

Still I was with you, long dead now and still dying with you my lord,

And I looked over you and still kept to my mien,

As the days past the years passed and you drank and drank till succour could not be gained,

Till there was nothing but drink and the hordes before us, a chance of death and the halls of Horus and you were so young.

So young and alive

I held you as I charged,

Since a child, barely fifteen

So young and alive , I carried you through your life, made you love your life

So dirty and shorn of warmth and love

Of our love when Barely seen I would come to the stables at night and lie beside you for your warmth and beauty and hold you through the night , nothing but a boy and lie with you in the flickering candlelight. I would gather myself into your flanks and Imagine your speed and strength.

But these are the thoughts of a younger man,

A drowned serf and younger man

You fled across a field, shaking, dirt and grass from you hooves,

When I was young, just a child in my teens

You bucked and twirled, stood on your high haunches, circus moves,

You dropped and turned and faced us all and the dust on your coat

Shimmered like stardust,

Like yearling lust

Full in your vigour

I had you cropped and bellicose, you wailed, for the night and dreaming, laid

On your side like a cow, calf birthing, and as the pain subsided , stayed

And I wept by you, felt for you, my only friend and you suffered I bayed,

Like a dog, howling for your return, I felt the burn of morning on my flanks,

And hearing you breathing still, took my rest against your side.

Happy and warm with my true love, the only one I could ever trust

Beucephalus, my heart my whole and all that I can be I see in thee.



A woman holds me and she holds me tight., sweet with love, dark with moonlight. Her breath upon my face, my face upon her breast and the sweet smell of lust on my mind,

My dark and dappled steed, glorious of form , musky with strength, glistens in light. I feel you warm breath upon my face shoulders as you stand proud, strong and fine,

And my love my other crushes me to his chest, dark with lust, sweet with wine. His breath on my groin and back and sweet formed, engorged with lust, and always is mine.

I prance and sidle skirt and bow, still my masters mount,

I death I stride amongst them all, prancing and kind for all remember me.

Hephaeston, Antipater, Ptolemy and others, the brothers of great Alexander and see,

Nothing even my master, the beast, rears, and throws his wine away as all he could be

Follows with it, in his cups again, Hyperion screams as buccephalus dreams and baccus finds glee

A holy orbit of dreams and suicidal means and faces passing in dreams.

Alexander, drifts from one to the other, bustled and always a‘quiver.

Giver of dreams and schemes and death to all that followed,

Mercy to all and none and graves hollowed, out to depths unknown

For the victims of his need.

I dance sideways across the atrium, hooves flashing, in light

I death, I stride, amongst the all, tall in hands though none can see me.

Brothers, brown from the Asian sun and Alexander. See, lies in ruin, king of the world to be

But that world lies in ruins and dirge, depravity and dirt as such a shade even as I could see

And my master, the king, the very thing, that causes such pain, that wanders and lusts and can see

Joy in each thrust of sword, one or the other, and by such means

Alexander, drunk and dirty in his own misery runs to the ancient river.

Giver of life and love, quencher of thirst and there he wallowed

In life’s blood and grew fair again, and forgot his misdeeds, when shown

The errors of his life, the victims of Phillips seed.

I stood in the corner, stood did not wander as I watched the play, played out before me.

The master of the world, the master of my heart was dying, He lay still pale and wan for all to see.

I stood in the corner, in the shadows though I was no more than a ghost, But stood tall and strong

As I had in each melee, standing strong as even my master withered, we did, he and I, as we wished to be. No parent, no choke hold upon us now, we set our sails east and held to the prow

And sundered all before us and even now, Even now. I stand tall in death as I did in life

And Alexander stands beside me, Hephieston too, antipodes and Ptolemy both and others and many.

Callisthenes and Aristotle both arm in arm, Roxanne and her brat and so many others.

My brothers in arms be they horses or swine, the greats or the nobodies still they are with me in my mind.






 Deaths Dark Daydream


Deaths Dark Daydream.



From the alleys and streets, from the door steps and heaths, from the meadows and farmlands,

A mist rises, and forms, from the rivers and rills, valleys and hills, from the fields and fissures

It swirls and turns in the night air, forming and fragmenting, failing and fermenting, till it yields.

A figure, blessed and bare, in the late night air, steps into the moonlight, baleful and brazen in its

Nakedness and knowledge, the pall of the shining moon, drips, grey and silver from his eyes

Youth drips from his thighs, vigour from his lips and fingertips, crimson is his mouth and loins.

Lions race across his skin as clouds scud across the moon, feral and wild this child of the moon.

Wild and dirty, his face shadowed with growth, excited with his youth and desire. On fire.

Panicked by distaste, his own waste and needs, brewed in a mighty beer of disgust, a sire

Of demons, with packaged might, swooping and rearing, devilish and dervish, spiralled, a pyre.

For the noonday sun, wishing hope on everyone yet giving them night and darkness and doom.

Holds my hand and holds it tightly, grapples with me daily and nightly, even in my own room

Where hope takes hold as quick as fear or death or charity, spilling, humours, ethers, exhume

Nothing but a buried evil that has come to see the light. A paltry being, exhumed, of the night



Whilst over all the night comes creeping

Then I go out a’ stealing,

O’er tombstones and moss, where the dead lie sleeping,

Passing the fungi , sarcophagi, and the smell of weeping

Be it from crypt or hall or farmhouse steading.

collecting the shades of the bodies they’re shedding

Through sunlight’s bright blast

Or twilights last gleaming

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping

Through the strongest gale

Or mornings glittering hail

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping.

Whilst the morn sunlight, over hills comes creeping,

There in the shadows, I’ll be steeling,

Darkening daffodils, turning bluebells black and foxglove steeping

Poison filled and passing the narcissi, and the tears of the leaving.

It may be birth or anniversary or wedding.

I’ll be collecting the souls they are shedding.

Through all the breaths that you will still be breathing

And all those breaths that have passed

And all those breaths still to come you are dreaming

One day you shall take your last.

And that’s where I’ll be stealing



Through sunlight’s bright blast

Or twilights last gleaming

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping

Through the strongest gale

Or mornings glittering hail

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping.













A murder of crows blackens the noonday sky,

Called from their nests and eyries

And so many ships have gone by, black masted and steering

Into the wind, Sails tattered and the keel close to shearing

I stand on the nest and watch you weeping

Till the bodies fall into the deepening sea and there lie sleeping

And that’s where I’ll be stealing.

I smiled and laughed

Till the black mast

Fell below the sea

I whimpered and moaned

With those overthrown

Till they lay with me

And I took my place once more at the forefront of man’s destiny.




I crept and waddled and watched and bustled my way to the front of the crew.

I stood behind some and fell behind few; I had come here to see.

I pushed and shoved and elbowed my way to the front, shuffled over and tried to find my pew

I sat with my heart in my mouth, beating doubly in my chest and wondered were the culprit me?

It seemed I had sat in the stalls or in the balcony, way out in front

But it seems I had not sat at all just fell into the orchestras’ well.

But I remembered that I had sat, adjusted my clothes, my underwear, my hat.

As a man should do, are we not gentlemen and so I took tea and sat.


Paying court; To the girl with the blue eyes and the thin lipped smile, the girl that knew.

As most girls do, the thoughts of men, or think that they do. And I so I tried to find her,

But it seems I had known a Girl with no thought of love, no turtle dove, cuddled

Close, no heavenly host, called to her , but she loved as love must befuddled

Drew her breath deeply but not freely, Took air, perspiring, muddled

Thoughts spinning in her head, amazed, this pale eyed temptress, The girl that knew.

As most girls do, emotions that drift, or think they do. And so found herself alone,

And weeping, a girl that did not know that they could love, found that they could.

She murmured words of love and shook sand from her pelt, howled to the moon.

She stood tall on her haunches, praying , baying, to the moon goddess, one of hers.

Baleful eyes pale and moonstruck, seemed star struck with love a mother with her curs.






Not the focus of her attention, her pale imitation, a pale shape creeps from the crepuscular woods

He slinks into the shadows of the night paying court to this matron, with his smell warmth and lust

She stalls and smells the night air

Little of care, for all stalks the night air

She sidles and smells the night air

Nothing there, In the dark and silent dream that is the night air.

She bridles and hush’s as the night drips onto her

She has cares; for children that whisper in their sleep on the night air.

Bovine, equine, feline and canine and warm fur

A sleep comes upon them all, a pale imitation of life, and a pale shadow creeps into the light.

And smothers the light of day languishing in his power and majesty sending chills unto the living

He waits in the darkness and shadows.







A child mutters unknown words and the time has come to die

Utters words of fortune and Questions your reasons why.

My dear, my love, child, why do you cry?

I shook myself awake

From my bed of dreams

And warmth

I pulled the duvet over

Took to my feet and felt

The chill

And so I stood, took my bow, and then knew everything, everything about what I was witnessing,

She looked at him and he looked at she, both knew nothing of how its going to be.

I walked downwards, right down the stairs And I saw everything even the killing thing

He slapped her face and she bloodied drew the knife for all of us to see.

A joyous muse, my heart sang, witnessing the killing, witnessing the killing and I knew everything.

He looked up at her, she down at him, she was so lucky that she had set him free.

I watched with glee for all I could see, to jail the police said as I sat, as I sat listening.

I heard your excuse I hear your plea, please madam judge don’t let that happen to me

She stood in the dock and sat on the chair, and told everything, the things I’d been witnessing,

Told how she had murdered he, in a fit of rage it was not her fault she should be set free.

Not the judge, not the jury, but I knew everything and shed knowledge of my fury.

I remember the blade, I remember the fury. I now have to thank the jury.

A just verdict, a wrong righted, a sacred trust bighted. And just penury.












These children are mine sayeth the lady

Though the money I earn is a little shady

I look after them through the day

And at night none can say.

Little darlings,

Wont come to no harm, I keep them apart,

Little darlings, are always in my heart.

Sleeping and dreaming and held apart,

They’re just kids and held in my heart.

Through sunlight’s bright blast

Or twilights last gleaming

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping

Through the strongest gale

Or mornings glittering hail

They will be a sowing

And I’ll be a reaping.



I have heard your thoughts ideas and whims

I have heard your excuses , you hacked off a limb,

Because he was bad, she was a devil, and I have never heard so much drivel.

She was a monster, he was a slave, you never thought of the love that they gave.

I saw you had it hard and it must have been so bad

It was trouble, never ever had you been so sad

She was a bitch, with an eternal itch, a witch that was not worth forgiving.

She was a dragon, he was a monster, it was no longer a life worth living

She pulled me down, he dragged me down into a cesspit of hope.

And off they loped into the night.



Publicly he seemed alright, not the shite that he really was. She was so cool en vogue, en vie,

She pulled the love from this heart like a harvester, reaping all that he could sow, all that she was due.

She meditates on her betrayal and justifies it to herself and thinks so few, so very soulless few

Would not, and she is more, so very much more and then lifts the knife and delivers his due.

In the early hue of evenings last breath, he drew his and she smiled, just his due.

Sorry tales; I know

Tales no one should know

Tales that diffidently show

The differences, the shocks

All the stops and blocks

That love mocks

In its immortal way

Tarnished and bloodied

It soldiers on, unhurried.











I looked for the heartbroken, the tarnished, the burned; and found them all

For there were so many. Loves that went good and bad; those that hurt and those that fall

I looked for the unforgiving and hopeless and found them all, some happy in their own way,

The traitors of love I looked also for and found hopeless and alone, shriven but hearty in their own way.

I looked to the martyrs of love, those that have loved deeply and have lost, for many do

And I was one that did. I knew love as pure as a mountain stream,

Unsullied, clean and precious, but no love is as true as the perfect love

No thing is just as wondrous and perfect as it may perfectly seem,

Chaste, virginal, and all just yours, lest it be a gift from angels above.

And I loped off into the night

Full of sweat and blood,

Flushed with heaven above

And hell below

Both knew my hollow soul

And through sunlight’s bright blast trampling daemons I came, shamed and hollow

Risen from this earth, cursed to death, in twilights last gleaming, brazen but sullied

The seeds of doom are sown by such as I and they were sown deep and fertilised with blood

And reaped by those that know, reaped by hands that touch, lips that kiss and know,

hunger and want, lust and lie, eyes that darken and hooded, draw lust from liars,

Build from truth funeral pyres, and fires for the damned and yet I remain and sullied

Smirk with each passing glance or circumstance at the great and good, the unwashed

The hooded and deep, the shallow and callow, the wanton and unwanted, the sane

And simple, the masterful and master less, musical and malleable, the strange and straight.

These I trampled under heel with little feeling or thought

The form I took was human, the place I came from; dread

I looked and watched and took note, I spoke and listened

Pay’ed heed, Culpable and crazed, yet my form remained,

this spectre.

Dying now.

Paid heed.









love overcomes


There is chaff and tinder in the air

The croak of carrion carries even clear of the cacophony

Rending and roaring fires burn

Sparks spiral in the smoke sending special signals

As the din and thunder blare

To gods and ghosts, and the goals of the givers

With little grace given

They’re little lives, their longing, lying, last, loss.

Propelled like the power and smoke,

Upward in fire, in flame, foetid fumes, flying

In the evening air.

Funereal masses gather from the mist, drifting

Gathering shape with each fizzling fury, substance, heart

Dissolving and drying in their fierce sudden melancholy

In Gyres of hope forgotten

Of shining lives fading

Those gone and those fading

Those gone and those falling

In Fast and fatal folds.

The future we have given to ourselves,

Sow and reap and smell winter approaching

Cold leaching love and late lasciviousness cold hands callused

Kindled carefully for the longest time

Spin silent shadows shriving social sensibilities

As daybreak stuns all with hope

You loves and lovers, lazy and loved, loquacious with love

Bow to the divine driven

Hopes, hells, and heaven given are shriven

Arise like angels of the host, ghostly and pale, flying,

In the evening air.

Shining into the hearts of all and asunder

Gathering shape with each caress and love and excess, less

These lovers be pulled apart, all lost in alarming apathy

Shrivelling shades of a love faded

And spiralling mists of love forgotten

Of shining lives fading

Those gone and those fading

Those gone and those falling

In fast and fatal folds

Grow true, in a love new and born from those fading

To those still remaining and love lasts.






Hey Vasquez,

Did your feet touch coal dust?

Or just hit the ground running

Pounding out the days, step by step

Just as fast as you can,

Have we reached the end of summer yet?

Breath by breath

In the labyrinth

Did you follow the thread?

Pay heed to the clues

Or did you just run on with

Gut wrenching speed

Hey Vasquez,

Did you find the golden road?

Or just keep passing the markers?

Passing each and every stone, mile on mile

Hope in your beating heart,

How many empty years have you seen?

Crumb by crumb

In the forest

Did you watch the news?

Or did you just run on with

Your heart thumping

Hey Vasquez,

Did you find you were alone?

Or just accompanied by strangers

Counting your heartbeat, beat by beat

One hundred and forty a minute

Pass two hundred thousand in a dream

Pulse by pulse

In the echoes

Did you remember to forget?

And find your feet

Or did you just kiss each passing marker

On the way.



Upon Awakening


I awake and think of you,
What you are doing,
and where you may go.
I imagine you rising,
Showering, dressing,
getting ready to leave.
I think of the things,
that will fill your day,
and wish that but one of those were me.

I stare silently towards the day,
What are you thinking,
and if you are happy.
I imagine you walking,
and cleaning your house.
I think of the things,
that will make you smile,
and wish that but one of them were me.

I do what what i do without knowing,
what your dreams are,
and if they'll come true.
I imagine you sleeping,
restlessly turning,
and your breath as it leaves.
I think of the things,
that would make you happy,
and wish that but one of those were me.

I sleep and I dream of you,
that you were here,
to kiss me awake.
I imagine your warmth,
freckles and hair,
and you in bed beside me.
I dream of the things,
that will fill your day.
and wish one of those were me.




Its only love


I trod elven,
In this land of giants,
betwixt poppies and lilies,
grass and weeds,
Crystal white and untouched,
with wounds of,
a type unreknowned,
Vocal and unremitting,
but no answer.
Chaste, not.
There is a smell,
Of wormwood and camphor,
blithe and leprous.
A black cygnet, forever,
wounded, he raises his,
eyes to heaven.
Beseeches, imploring.
There is a stormcrow,
which sings.
Do I yet,
hold it in my hand?


Once were spellbound


Can you smell the despair and see the coal dust in the air?
 the motes and mites of another days ruin.
 I will imbibe it with wine of the darkest crimson
 and smoke that coils and rushes.
 It will sparkle with deceit and touch with rain
 moistens all of another days thoughts and schemes
 and all those petty daydreams.
 where theives and knights, paupers and pearls,
 lie together, thoughtlessly and unassailable.
 In the heat of their own disolution.

 so the glints in their eyes and the passion in their thighs,
 their scents and dents and bumps and lumps
 Are swallowed in all that they have left
 and the smoke that coils and rushes.
 It will trancendend like a strange cathedral, filling,
 and fulfulling, spilling over forever into infinity
 ignoring style and hope and unity.
 For all are false promises, patterns and swirls,
 whose worth lies only in the smiles and whiles
 i carry in my head.

 So i take up my sword and girded with pleasant passion
 shielded with unhoped for hopes
 my slippery hand tries to grip that full chalice
 to raise it to my lips
 but it slips right through my fingertips
 and falls crashing to the floor
 as i walk out of that ever open door.
 It closes behind me, banging hard against the frame
 against the shame, as though
 trying to stay open and trying and hoping
 to grasp it again

 and still remain sane

The Mariners Cry


Hold due north,
rings the captains cry
In his mariners tongue,
the lie
Where berth this ship,
none can see,
and not fast beset
the lee
before the storm
breaks afloat
to swarm on board and sink
this boat
Hold due north
the captain cried
in the mariners tongue
he lied
where berth this ship
none here can tell
to ever again sail the
oceans swell
storm wracked and tossed
sailors wail
as we run before wind
gathered gale
Hold due north
though no land i see
hold due north
till i lie with thee.


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