Over the Tears of the Fallen

will be released in November of this year.
This is the first volume of the Trilogy titled "And the Sea shall give up it's Dead". The Blurb at the moment (it may change) runs.
Under the Cold North Atlantic ocean a presence stirs, an old god revitalized returns to a semblance of life, it grows, takes form and seeks to be worshiped once again. Three friends, unknowingly in cahoots with other elder sea gods and provided with an army of dead fishermen try to thwart this possible domination of the seas. The three friends, set out to destroy this old god and send it back to the depths from where it came but they have a traitor in their midst, a collaborator and the army of old dead fishermen, drunks, wife beaters and misogynists may not be all they wish them to be, in fact they may have their own aims.

This has it all, Tragedy in real life, horror and fantasy all rolled into one. The Shipping News meets Lovecraft.

Baron Kinsey. The Independent.

 Winters Ghost.

I stared awestruck and humbled by the Kraken before me that consumed the long shingle beach with a carnivores veracity, with patches of golden sand and small rocks that tumbled and fell with each passing movement of the giants teeth, devouring the beach with every surge of its hide and teeth, pulling rocks back into its hungry maw, shells, small fish, crabs and all manner of sea creatures scrabbling to pull themselves away from this all-consuming monster that has no thought or sense but devours all that lies in its way with no cunning, no mind, yet with a strange kind of avarice, wishing all to be part of it, to be consumed by it. In this way a man's doom was sealed and he faced his fate with acceptance, hopefulness and even with a thought of deliverance. The man will meet his own daemons, his own fears and will either be drawn into them or rise above them.

 She wept Black Tears.

There is a war coming, visceral, bloody and damaging. The Morrigan sits upon a crumbling stone wall and knows that more blood will be spilled here. Soon. A man goes hill walking just to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish Highlands and happens upon a ruined hill fort that no one has seen in an age. The relic was once the scene of an ancient battle, a battle that rages still, unseen, between Celtic and demonic forces, magical and mystical and it is about to reach its unholy end. Rob, the aesthete, the fool, the romantic dreamer, is about to get drawn into the strangest of worlds.

 The Quiet Snow.

"The Quiet Snow" removes every trace of love from Rob's life. Guen is gone, then her footprints disappear, then her smell, her body and love vanish; covered with a thin film of falling snow. All trace of Guen is gone and forgotten. But Rob has not forgotten her, She may be missing but he has to keep looking for her, Guen cannot be dead, they would have found a body. She cannot be alive, she would have called me, came home. And So Rob searched the hills and valleys looking for his lost love For years and years. Many years passed in search of the impossible. Rob, started to forget and in letting her go he was to find her again.


The Painting (the Island and the Demon)

In this strange world, much like our own an unlikely hero embarks upon three very different quests overseen by a supernatural being known only as "The Observer". The tasks are simple, to free dead children, lost at sea, from the clutching hands of loving bereaved parents. Survive an eternity of obsessive love and win a battle that cannot be won, as it has already been lost and banish a Demon to the underworld. A new book by Raymond Walker, the author of "The Secret Inside" and "The River Girls Torment" Combining Dark Fantasy and Horror with an almost homely setting this book will, at times, tug upon your heartstrings, fill you with anticipation and dread as twilight approaches and the shadows grow long over western Argyll.

The River Girls Torment

There is a girl in the River, a beautiful girl, she has long brown hair that curls like River weed. She has dark eyes, that glow with the colours of the River, she is sinuous as the eddy’s and currents that make the River live and Rob has been looking for her his whole life.
She is the girl in the River and he is the one that watches her. He wishes to find out about her, he wishes to know her, his River girl, he wants to understand her and perhaps even love her but the River Girl will try to tame him before the end.

(This is the new novel by Raymond walker, a work of romance but obsession and madness as Rob glimpses something new in the river that house lies above; a girl. It could be simply his imagination or his loneliness causing him to see the girl but he thinks it is not. He thinks her real and sets out to find her, to know what she is, to know her. It is his goal, his need, his obsession and he searches for her for years and one day, he finds her)

 My Peculiar Guinevere.

As time passes, everything changes. The world we live in is in turmoil, we stampede from one crisis to the next, never heeding the grand design,If indeed there is one. Imagine now that nothing changes, the world turns and adapts through time but now; the now we know, here and today, is the same as it always was, the same as it always will be. Time is only a trick played upon us. Has not the world always suffered from turmoil, are our lives not the same as those who have gone before us with few differences? An explanation of time, the characters essentially the same though they live centuries apart, their thoughts, hopes and fears differ little from the reality of today, their goals essentially the same; to eat, have happy lives, to love and be loved, to search endlessly for a contentment that can never be realized. 
As usual Raymond Walker has brought these unanswered questions to life in an exciting tale of love, passion, loss and romance that will keep every reader mesmerized from the very first pages to the dramatic conclusion.

 Kilmartin (omnibus edition)

Nestled in a quiet glen on the west coast of Scotland lies the ancient village of Kilmartin. Surrounded by groups of standing stones, Crypts, ruined Hill forts and duns it lies deep in the primeval Caledonian forest. There are things stirring in the quiet places that surround the village, ancient beings are coming to life, drawn from their moldering crypts by the promise of life, old love stories are being re-enacted and old, dark gods are waking, opening their pale scarred eyes to gaze down upon the village and its denizens. Kilmartin; beauty, history, betrayal, horror, love, romance and that is not all that you will read of here as there is more. There is Fantasy, ecology, ghosts, eternal love and many other things are themes in this trilogy of novels from Raymond walker. Raymond Walker is the award winning author of "Nut Brown Eyes", "The Miscast Fate" and "A Shiver"


 A Pale Shadow Creeps


In The dark depths of a Scots winter, A Pale Shadow Creeps. From
Its tomb of stones and broken bones; It rises into the cold and forsaken night. This shade, has a dire purpose. For it to live again its place must be taken beneath The Cairn from which it rose. 
Whosoever wakened it or one of their choices shall take its place beneath the wet sod of the Argyll hills.
Rob is too busy enjoying his new home. He worries about the novel that he needs to write, the money he needs to earn and the new love that he has found. Threats from shades, shadows or wraiths are not something he takes seriously.
But he should.
Raymond walker again jumps genres with ease creating a very current ghost story with a rather Faustian feel. A romance that will leave you spellbound whilst darkness falls and shadows haunt ancient Scotland, Its standing stones cairns and sepulchres.
Rob thinks about love and life and money and never worries about the scratching at the door, the howling in the night and the very strange dreams he has been having.
But he should.

The Crows Feather

A wonderful conglomeration of tales ending with the cessation of a happy life. Commencing with the wondrous. if dark. tale "The Crows Feather" and including the tales; "A picture upon the wall", "A Wolf in the Hills" and the strange dystopian tale; "Wisdom lies in adaptability" all built in the mercurial mind of Raymond Walker.



 The Secret Inside

Everyone has "A Secret Inside", a place where no one goes, always hidden from others buried deep in the dungeons of their soul.
A perversion that they will not admit to, a longing to take someones life.
A lust that lies unfulfilled, a wish to dominate, A desire to humilate and maim.
Sometimes these thoughts haunt theirr dreams, sometimes their waking hours. It comes crawling up from the darkest depths of their being, rising from its lair to hurt and damage destroy and maim. 
A new life together and a fresh start welcome Mae and Rob to their new home in Argyll. In the Heartland of historical Scotland they settle in to enjoy the happy home that they have always wanted. But there is something unusual about their new home and whilst Rob seeks answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for. Robs tantrums, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way but Mae will have her Idyllic home no matter who or what she has to kill to get it.

Life Love and Death

A depiction of true love in the real world. Fantastical and surreal, no one expects a true love, taken and given to be real yet it is, our romantic dreams are not only dreams as true love, romance and magic lives in our minds and souls.
It may not have form or substance but love is an important part of our life.
Eternal love is the theme here but I never leave the natural world where life and death intervenes, as that is the very nature of our being.

 Nut Brown Eyes

A wondrous tale of the dark woods of Scotland. A holiday trip gone wrong, a perfect holiday ripped apart by nature. A young girl left alone in the depths of the forest is found by a Hiker that cares. He resolves to look after her and to get her to the Hospital that she needs to attend. He will do anything to get her there and see that she is alright. They are a long way from salvation and the medicine that home promises. They are in the dark woods of Northern Argyll where only, woodsmen, nature buffs and walkers exist. There are no roads, no cars, few tractors other than those working the land. There is only Rob, the man that loves walking in the forests, and the poor girl that he has found wrapped in the brambles of an abandoned building. Hurt, Abused, perhaps raped, Rob makes it his mission to save her but they are out in the wilds of Scotland. They are a long way from help, a long way from salvation. Rob is going to save her. Rob is going to save her no matter what it takes.

The MIscast Fate

It was always Todd's fate to be ridiculed after all he had
never amounted to much, a failed scientist who was
thought to be a flake by his peers. All because he had
some strange ideas and was not afraid to share them.
An astrophysicist that was interested in astronomy was
one thing but one interested in astrology was something
very different indeed.
Todd has fallen desperately in love with the equally
smart and rather exotic Jasmine who lives a world away
and would do anything to be with her even if it means
changing the nature of science.
This romantic drama from the pen of Raymond Walker,
the acclaimed author of "The Secret Inside" and
"Twisted Sisters" brings together a beautiful and
fascinating love story Intertwined With a fast moving
science drama. Todd races to save the love of his life
from her fate and he will see it done even if he has to
change the universe to achieve it.
After all how can you change what is written in the

"Moon child" and other Tales

A young girl, abandoned in the ancient Caledonian forest seeks refuge in the arms of a hill walker, or so it seems to the casual observer. A River Sprite seeks solace in the arms of a human, as her world is disappearing. A moon-child creeps from her Holt beneath an ancient tree, scenting the night air, and is enveloped in the world of humans. The man who fell in love with death, who no longer wishes to live but cannot die tells his tale. Goats that debate in shady glens at night discuss revolution, Wolves that are men and men who are wolves wonder of their purpose in life. True love remains eternal in the worthiest of sad tales. These new Faerie and folk tales, of Scotland, from the pen of Raymond Walker, Author of “A River of Tears” and “The Secret Inside” embody the living soul of Scots folk and faerie tales. Enchanting, beautiful, haunting and timeless. Never have I read of such beauty as I have here. The innocence reverberates in every tale. Beautiful. Robert Anderson. Author of "Elizabeth"

Wisdom lies in adaptability

Wonderful, dark and vaporous, this tale insinuates itself into your mind, digging deeper and deeper, It is almost childlike and fantastical in its initial outlook until it begins to challenge all that you think, you know. It reads like a classical fairy-tale and can be read as such but it contains so much more than just a great story. It is a story that I think everyone should read. I think that this is one of the most important fables since Orwell's "Animal Farm" Barnaby Foulkes. The Guardian.


The young Cornelius marches with the fifth legion to chastise the barbarian hordes of Dacia who dared cross Roman borders; He dreams of glory wealth and a later life of ease in the senate. But his life was to change; in a decisive battle the legion is crushed. The few survivors, fleeing to the Carpathian mountains, harried by war bands; starving and dying from the extreme cold find that there is something more to fear. There is something stalking these mountains, something older and darker than simply death. Cornelius finds himself welcoming this darkness and becoming part of it. This is a story of blood and treachery. War and power, it is a story of horror pain and damnation. But it is also a story of friendship and eternal love for all changes in an eternity. This tale takes you from the mighty civilisations of Rome,Samarkand and China to the barbarian lands of Scotland and Romania. It is a tale of gut-wrenching battles, ambition and blood; fought both with friends and between them.

The Shed

It is dark as Rob heads out to the shed to complete his work. The moon is eclipsed by scurrying clouds and the sky is bruised with a late sunset. The hail stings his face and fear grips him as he pushes stray strands of hair away in the whipping wind. It is near Christmas and many of his neighbors have strung lights up to dispel the gloom and darkness that winter in Scotland brings but Rob does not see them his focus centred on "The Shed" He goes to face the darkness and all that it contains, he goes to face evil and death, possession and entrapment. 
It lies before him silent and dark, brooding and ramshackle bathed in the eternal night that it has become, a place of frights and chills and things that scuttle away before your feet. Rob lifts the lock and enters "The Shed" as even the December wind stills and quiets, the rains fury gaining ground and a rumble in the air of thunder; to have a cigarette. 
June wonders what Rob does out in that shed at night for ten minutes every hour or so to fill up his time as she waits the television program paused until he comes back. She is bored and so was he sitting out there in the cold. That's is why he decided to summon a Demon.