The Painting.
The Painting the Island and the Demon.

In this strange world, much like our own an unlikely hero embarks upon three very different quests overseen by a supernatural being known only as "The Observer". The tasks are simple, to free dead children, lost at sea, from the clutching hands of loving parents. Survive an eternity of obsessive love and win a battle that cannot be won, and banish a Demon to the underworld. Easy.

 A new book by Raymond Walker, the author of "The Secret Inside" and "The River Girls Torment" Combining Dark Fantasy and Horror with an almost homely setting this book will, at times, tug upon your heartstrings, fill you with anticipation and dread as twilight approaches and the shadows grow long over western Argyll. We all cast Shadows and all of them are dark.

I am glad to tell you all of the release of a new book, "The Painting" which holds the subtitle "The Painting, the Island and the Demon. and it is out now, available in all formats. I hope that you all like it. 

The reviews were great for this book, I expected them to be for a rather "mainstream" outing from me. "The writer of the odd and unusual produces a new "odd" book but one that is more accessible than many of his others". Is what I expected. The story is good and I did not expect bad reviews nor was I disappointed. I am lucky enough to get reviews most of the time (but not all of the time) as I think the press view me as a pleasing eccentric with an odd view of the world. I consider this viewpoint neither a slur nor a discourtesy but rather a plaudit. I do have an odd outlook and odd association with my fellow humans. The press are perhaps more astute than the credit people give them. At least I can say that of the artistic column inches in the press. 

I thank the press again for a well received book.

The Painting- Reviews.

"The Guardians" comment on "The Painting" was sent to me today from a friend by e-mail, I was busy and had missed the papers.  "The Guardian" has always championed me despite a couple of bad reviews here and there and so I was hoping for something good from them.

"The Mail" that normally hates my odd works of fiction were surprisingly kind, "The Times" that tends to frown upon Fantasy and horror were also remarkably upbeat, comparing me to a modern "Dickens" (as if, but it was good of them and I am not complaining in any way).  "The National" also gave me a good review but I do not count that one as they give anything Scottish a good review even if it is terrible. "The Painting" also received a couple of not so good reviews. "Marion's" review in particular which appeared in a British broadsheet  suggesting that "The once innovative and original writer, Raymond Walker is now resting upon past works and reproducing similar fantasy works to those that made his name a writer but without the passion they once bled" was well written and thought out but I hope, not accurate.  Back to "The Guardian" I had hoped for much from them, they have been good to me in the past and they often fit my strange an eclectic readership.  

The Guardian did not let me down, in fact had I written the review myself I am unsure if I would have surpassed it. The book was reviewed in glowing terms and if you wish to read on I will copy and paste the review in it's entirety next.