The Quiet Snow.

"The Quiet Snow" removes every trace of love from Rob's life. Guen is gone, then her footprints disappear, then her smell, her body and love vanish; covered with a thin film of falling snow. All trace of Guen is gone and forgotten. But Rob has not forgotten her, She may be missing but he has to keep looking for her, Guen cannot be dead, they would have found a body. She cannot be alive, she would have called me, came home. And So Rob searched the hills and valleys looking for his lost love For years and years. Many years passed in search of the impossible. Rob, started to forget and in letting her go he was to find her again.
She was not lost to him but rather had "taken a step away"  he knew without knowing that he would find her again. A true love will never, truly be seperated.

 The Quiet Snow- Reviews.
 I am glad to say that the majority of the reviews are good and so I should be fine apart from one which is probably the worst review I have ever received. As I read on I understood, misrepresentation rather than the book being bad. I hope.  Actually I have had so many good reviews that I am not worried about the one bad one. I do, however, wish the book to sell and so will leave the bad one to last.
Sit back and enjoy the strangest of tales, a love lost in the wilds of Scotland, gained again in a more enlightened age. A wonderful romance by one of the best writers around.
Marcie Best, Poetry Monthly 

Hold on to your hat and make sure your lipstick is perfect you will not want to let go of this guy.

Rough, tough, decisive, rugged and ready to look after you. A post modernist feminine dream with none of the implied masculine protectionism that we girls often see.

This is a good guy. that likes women, who they are, appreciates their differences with barely a testosterone whimper. I was sure that it was written by a woman.  Perhaps  there are some good men out there after all.

Ellius Marve,  Womans Work.

I often love Mr Walkers work and so it was no surprise that he again surprised me. It is not the first time that he has done this and I hope it will not be the last.

I think in his case I will be surprised the day he leaves us with no surprises.

 This is a beautiful book, working on a thought that few truly understand.  I have been in love with Raymond esoterically since I read "A Shiver" this is another work that is completely flawed but intrinsically satisfying. 

He is, Perhaps, The greatest living writer to me. 

Parnaby Watson-Smith, Horse and Country.