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A.J. Alexander's blog tour.

I rarely host another writer on my blog or website; preferring my own narcissism to that of others but now and then I am pleased to tell you of another authors works. One such is A.J. Alexander, a fantasy writer, similar to myself, but as different as Plato and Euripides.

A.J. has just released a new novel "Demon Tracker", which, from the little I have read, looks great and could well be a rare treat for my readers, straightforward paranormal fantasy rather than my gloomy Gothic misshapen tales.

So I thought to host her and interview her for this blog. I have her booked for the 7th May. So if you wish me to ask her any questions or to suggest something please mail me on or leave a message on the site forum and I will ask her.

So make sure that you come back on the seventh to read the interview and find out more about her new book. In the meantime here is the book cover and a link to it.

Hope that you like it.

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