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"A Shiver" Twentieth anniversary edition.

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

I have known for quite a while now that this book was going to be released at some point soon. Exactly when, I could not have told you. It was all reformatted and changed though I had little rewriting to perform. The odd little bit of grammar or syntax.

Around two to three years ago I was asked to reprise this book for an anniversary edition. I was happy to do so. I always liked this novel. I felt, when writing it, that I had created something new and different, enjoying the fact that it did not play to the norms of novel writing. It made me different, audacious, cool. (Lol or so I thought- silly me)

Well, those were my thoughts. Luckily for me others thought the same and were drawn into this checkerboard romance. For me, at the time, it was all emotion and I still weep reading this tale. Lol- you must pass the first two chapters. I did not write them that well and thought of changing them but decided not to. The ethos of the novel would have adapted with that change.

I enjoyed adapting this old work into a new, but little has changed.

What once was true is now the same, the love you have is better than the love you aspire to.

Time is ephemeral, everything happens in the now.

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