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Balls to The Hall (Why The R&R Hall of Fame sucks and why it still matters)

Good and sensible comments. Strangely enough I heard Gene Simmons commenting on something similar this week with the remark; “Deep Purple not in the R&R HOF, Dolly Parton is, go figure. I know you were expecting some flack on the “Rock is Dead comment” and here is the start of it. Is Rock dead? No, has it all been done before? perhaps. A well known Rock Journalist for the NME wrote the same line in the early nineties then ate his words after he seen the Smiths. The same has happened every Seven or eight years as someone new changes things, or at least mixes things up a bit. Is Rock and Roll tired and needing revved up? well of course it is and will be as another new thing hits the shelves. People moan that it is the influence of shows like the x-factor that have dropped the status of the music but it is not, It is the record companies, corporate conglomerations simply out to make a (much more difficult to make) buck. Just wait and you will see.

Authored by Dale Nickey:

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame continues its reign as the irrelevant pantheon that commemorates all that is famous in the world of ….ahem….Rock and Roll. Never mind that many inductees’ connection to the genre is tenuous at best and non-existent at worst….

Somehow Bobby Darin, Brenda Lee and The Dells have gained admittance while truly subversive and pioneering artists remain on the outs. You all know who they are, Johnny Winter, Jethro Tull,  Yes, The Moody Blues, Bjork, Kate Bush, and Brian Eno.  The British Music industry could fill a Hall of Fame roster all by their lonesome, and that might be part of the problem. America invented Rock and Roll, and as America always does, it eats it’s young and feels bad about it later. The Beatles came and showed us how its supposed to be done. American fans fell hard for The Beatles and…

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