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"Cold Blue Eyes" revisited.

Now, it is certain that "Cold Blue Eyes" will become a book. I have had the publisher of "Nut Brown Eyes" indicate acceptance of it. Lol, probably because I did not ask for an advance. But they are committed to publishing "Cold Blue Eyes" later this year when it is truly complete. Bet they change little of it. I will let you know the date of publication as soon as I know myself.
I will try and tempt you to buy the book by entertaining you with snippets and ideas before it's published. For those that have read "Nut Brown Eyes" you may think that you know what is coming but you are foolish to think so. Remember I was writing this book as a standalone novel. Readers, rather than myself, made me realize the connection between the two books.
The differences will remain distinct between the two short novels. Though I do admit that those that enjoyed "Nut Brown Eyes" are likely to Enjoy "Cold Blue Eyes" It is incredibly difficult to do

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