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Hiding from the Light.

I had no idea when I published this book the marvelous reviews it would garner. I thought It a wonderful collection of tales. I was pleased with my creation but lumped it in with many other collections that I have produced over the years, many of which I thought good or very good but which garnered no or little response from the British public.

"Moonchild and other Tales" was my most successful collection of short tales to date, I thought to mimic them but where "Moonchild" was sweet and hopeful create a dark edge, this was meant, (designed) to trouble, to dismay and discomfit my Fantasy readers whilst still working upon a theme.

The book was an exercise in "author suicide" designed to repel new followers rather than welcome them. Yet so many have enjoyed it, much to my surprise, that I am enlivened to create another such collection. It will appear in the near future.

And So I am writing again. Dark days and bleak futures. When things have grown better you may wish to read of them. My presence is unnoticed these days, my tales of wonder and delight fading into the darkness of actual news. Yet like most I have to earn a living. So in the coming months you will see less of me as the real world takes hold once more and I have no time to write. Working instead.

Back to real life.

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