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Lol, it tells me to add a catchy title. This is just an update and so it is not catchy at all.

I suspect from the title that you will have gathered that this is just an update. I wanted to thank everyone, again, who has bought "The Dead Girl and The Wandering Tree" It is nice to be appreciated.

Now that I am no longer killing myself working hours that God would have abhorred, I have again time to do things that matter little to most people but quite a lot to me. I am writing again. "The Dark Kind" takes a dark shape and I think that most of my readers will love it.

Additionally, my publisher has asked me for an anniversary edition of "A Shiver" which will be released shortly. It is hard to believe that twenty years have passed since I first wrote that story. Simple at first it has grown in the telling and I feel honored to be asked for a new edition. For those of you who have read the novel, do not buy it again. Little has changed, Syntax, grammar, and spelling mistakes, fixed have probably improved the story but little is different. It is, however, still a wonderful read and so if you have not read it before, keep your eyes peeled for the anniversary edition of "A Shiver"


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wonderful work

Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker
Nov 11, 2022
Replying to

I still think it a cracking read. Thank you.

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