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Modernity, Americans and dumbing down.

A writer for the New York Times suggested that no one is writing great novels these days because they do not have a great grasp of grammar. I wrote back.


Writing as art, due to unsightly vowels appearing here and there. it distends the nature of the work, the art has gone in asymmetry.  Please do not use unsightly words in your tale.  I cannot stand someone using the word Fidgit, or Furtle, under no circumstances; ferment, or febrile.  

I will save the English language, by cutting down on vowels and grammar, whilst showing all English writers the error of thier ways.  

The Shakespeare fellow, too many vowels, 

in his name for starters. 

Do not even get me onto his work. Write in English for goodness sake.  Forget the extraneous vowels, the fancy language and "appropriate"  grammar in favour of mine own.  

I did laugh, he is playing his literary audience at the game they enjoy but he is still wrong. English became a "paramount" language, because it incorporated words and ideas from many other languages (particularly French). Even some that originate in America, foolish though that may seem. to become a global "Esperanto" 

I think it is ok.

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