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The Moonchild.

The Moonchild will almost certainly be the next book that I produce and will be a follow up to “A River of Tears” although it will take a completely different style and format to the first volume which essentialy consisted of five (long) short stories and a novella. This time around it will be a novel though it will be made up of six or seven different stories that intertwine and that have a shared beginning and ending. It stays true (I think) to the first volume though is far more complex which I hope does not let it down . I do not think that it will and I think people will be happy with the combining theme. It will still be a work of romance and fantasy coupled with an ecological background peopled by strange and diverse creatures not the least of whom will be we humans.

It is obviously still some time away, “The Secret Inside” is only just out and I am hoping that people will buy it. Of course it is a very different beast of a novel and I would not like to confuse anyone by having two new books out at the same time that could not be more different. Therefore it will be a while until “Moonchild” is out.

Over the years now I have released a few novels and a couple of compendiums of short stories, some better than others but mainly pretty good if I do say so myself with the exception of “Cornelius” which I have always hated. “A River of Tears” has never been a best selling book, in actual fact it has sold very few copies despite the amount that it is talked about.

I have no idea of the reason for the lack of sales other than the obvious fact that a book of short stories will never sell as well as a novel. Yet it has engendered more comment (bad as well as good) Made more headlines, Been quoted by the press and talked about more than anything else that I have produced. Much to both my joy and dismay it is always the book that people want to talk about when someone recognises me or I tell a group of people who I am.

I still get the comment all the time; “You’re the guy that wrote about the forests dying, the faerie people being killed by our factories, you dont believe all that shit do you?

For a book that has sold so little it seems to have affected those that have read it and so I have always thought to do a follow up. I did not wish to just rehash the same old ideas and so I have waited until I could do it justice and now I am ready. The follow up will be a self contained novel as opposed to five short stories and a novella. It will explore the same themes but reach deeper and there will be many new surprises on the way.

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