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New books and the pressure upon authors

I was reading today about the release of Inferno. Dan Brown’s new book and it seemed as though no one had anything good to say about it. Amongst the other things I read and heard (on the radio) I heard, badly written, contained spelling mistakes, bilge.

Now i have not yet read the book but i shall soon and i find all of  those comments very hard to believe (obviously reserving judgement until i have read it myself) . Admit it, Dan Brown writes a damn good thriller. Angels and demons was my favourite and digital fortress the least but even his not so good thrillers are still enjoyable that is why we always buy them. Dan Brown does not pretend to be the new Shakespeare, he is never going to be the writers writer, or the aesthetes writer, he will never be as grandly descriptive as Hermann Hesse for example nor as overwhelming as Nabakov could be but lets be honest here he is not trying to, he is writing a story that keeps you gripped to the very end and i really do not care if there is a spelling mistake or a bit of bad grammar and i am really glad that he does it just the way he does as in the end you get to enjoy a very gripping and enjoyable thriller. That is Dan Browns job and a job that he does very well indeed in my opinion. 

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