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Nut Brown Eyes.

I have decided to add “Nut Brown eyes” onto good reads for a free download. I have made my money back for it already over the years. and so decided to put it out there for a free download. I really dont know what you would call it other than a good story that you are getting for free. It is a novella, a short novel or a long short story. No matter what you call it it is available here for free for the first time.

Why would i do such a thing you may ask yourself and that would be a good question to ask. The answer is threefold. The first is that an opportunity presents itself to let more people view my work and hopefully, therefore, more people to like my work. The second is that “Nut Brown Eyes” although a short book, i still think is rather cool and therefore may attract someone to buy one of my other books. And third, i always feel guilty taking money for a short book even though i priced it as such and this has repaid me in full already and much more.

So anyway assuming “goodreads” accepts it and i cannot imagine any reason why they should not then for the very first time “Nut Brown Eyes” will be available for free. I hope eveyone likes it and if you do a big like or a good review would be appreciated.

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