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The Dark Kind.

I know that "Cold Blue Eyes" is still warm from the press but as most authors do, I have already moved on to my next literary (if you can call my storytelling that) foray. I do not know at this time wither it will be "Under Dark Skies" or "The Dark Kind".
"Under Dark Skies" is nominally scheduled to be my next novel but we are having trouble with the cover and interior design.

Also, I have been receiving bundles of e-mails about "The Dark Kind". "The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree" did not sell as well as I thought it would, but it seems those that did buy it have enjoyed it a great deal, when coupled with the fact that unlike most of my other novels, sales for "The Dead girl and the Wandering Tree" come in as a steady trickle rather than my usual attribute of big sales for a few weeks then obscurity. and I am being pressed for a release date for the following novel which will conclude the story and strangely it is "The Dark Kind" that I have been drawn back to writing.
If those of you that keep e-mailing and messaging me are reading this, then I urge you to remember that "The Dark Kind", as the title suggests, will not be the dark romance that "The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree" was. It is many shades darker.

As you could tell from the earlier novel. There is a war coming and even the meekest will be involved.
Lol- I am getting excited about it now. I am really looking forward to it.
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