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The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree.

"The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree" will be my next novel. I have no release date. Since withdrawing from the normal writing route and going back into full time work, I have so little time to write these days. That said I have been working on this novel now for two years or so and it is approaching finished. I have a purchaser for the rights and so it will be released at some point in the future. I will let you know more when I do. I thought to leave you with a snippet from it for the moment. This little bit takes place when the girls are young.

Excerpt from "The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree".

Carefully we walked towards the riverside

and the path we would follow down to the wandering tree. The snow was so thick and frozen that it was unlikely we would slip but so much rain and snow had fallen that the river raged like a tormented beast. Mounds of brown water leaped from rock to rock, white spume billowing into the ether, spray hanging in the frozen air. Close to the banks, the tree roots, the calm shallows, ice held sway but so thin that an acorn or leaf falling could shatter this slender glass into a thousand crystal pebbles that would be swept into the torrent and away into the sea forever.

A brown tumbling, roaring, monster, the river thundered towards the sea, tons of rain and melted snow its meat. The shallows and ponds, still covered by ice, were slowly being eaten away by the river beast.

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