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The Legacy By Yrsa Sigurdardottir

A simple tap on my kindle screen bought me this book. Why I chose it? it was cheap and I had ran out of things I wished to read so thought to take a chance. I tend to like Icelandic fiction and Scandi-noir.

There is little serious crime in Iceland but they have very long, cold and dark winters where (perhaps) the only way to avoid insanity is to write. Writers like Yrsa Sigurdardottor and Ragnar Jonasson take advantage of these dark months to write great crime fiction with underlying currents dragged from the history, the landscape, the cold, the snow and ice of this winter land and they do it well.

I was caught almost immediately with this tale. It drew me in and made me read on. It is told well well written in a basic style and good enjoyable crime fiction. I have already bought the second book in the series. Well worth a read methinks.

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