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The Scottish Government.

I wish to address the failures of the Scottish Government who are our representatives. They are failing us. Focused on independence rather than anything else, Scotland is falling to ruin. The highest rate of unemployment in the UK, the lowest standard of living and they are focused on "Trans" rights. Blaming everyone but themselves for their inadequacies. Our Parliamentary representatives collect a handsome salary whilst neglecting our country. I have given three simple examples here but there are so many more. Self-aggrandizement and money are the only things that they see. Our politicians should be looking after these three things and many others.
But they are not. They are playing with the fringes (apologies to those "trans" here)
It is time they tried running the country rather than playing for transitory independence.
Oh, and to the SNP and those that would like independence. If you ran the country capably well then many would flock to your banner, but you cannot run a piss up in a brewery. Education stats are dreadful in a country that almost invented the world. Standards of living are falling dramatically; ridiculous rates of child poverty and you wish to run the country outright.
You are not capable. As you have demonstrated.

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