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The Stars are aligning

Tomorrow is the sixteenth of September 2022. Some of you may ask what is so important about that date? The answer would come from most; nothing at all.

Yet for me it is a particularly Important day. This weekend heralds the "Ayr Gold Cup" a significant horse race for the town I now live in and especially important to the populace.

Having no interest in horse racing the "Ayr Gold Cup" Impinges upon my imagination for no reason other than that the town will be busy.

The significance, for me, comes with the fact that tomorrow I will be sixty years of age.

I am officially "old". Yes, I have been old for many years now, but it becomes official tomorrow. Add to that monstrous statement "my first novel in four years",

The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree is released tomorrow.

This, perhaps, heralds the end for me. An alignment of sorts.

I hope not.

I have lots still to write.

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Wonderful work Raymond Walker. You are a star and so is your writing.

Raymond Walker
Raymond Walker
Sep 22, 2022
Replying to

Thanks. Exceedingly kind of you to say so. I am hoping that with all that alignment the book will sell well but who knows.

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