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"Trow" and a weird new thing.

All my books are designed in "novel" form wither they are novels, novellas or collections of short tales. When Writing "He who is lost" it was suggested that some pictures and illustrations could be added to the book and I jumped at the chance enjoying both fantasy art and a well taken pic. I love the way it turned out and many others have told me how much they enjoyed the additions. (there are only twenty small pictures or illustrations included some of which are old book covers) so essentially it is a novel with a few pics. Nothing startlingly different.

Then when writing "The Dark Kind" I suggested that we do a similar thing but it turns out that in this case it was impossible, the book is too long already (and not finished) but I was also compiling a new book, two novellas and a few short stories that was later to become "Trow". Whilst completing this process an old friend got in touch and suggested that I do something completely new and produce a "Coffee table" book. The stories as I had set them out but in a large format style with illustrations and pictures. A pseudo "Graphic novel" that would be filled with works of art, suitable to my horror/faerie tale style. So that is what is on sale here. I do not wish to put you off buying this book directly from my site but you can only do a digital download here, when this is really a physical book and wonderful. I would suggest either buying it from amazon or mailing me so I can send you a wonderful glossy and sparkling copy.

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