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Walking the Crow Road(again)

As any author should, I am displaying my works , hopefully artisticly. inviting the readers out there to buy the book. I always wish to sell a cart load of novels despite the fact that the enjoyment of writing comforts me, I would still write even if a book was never sold. (just as well, my creditors sing in harmony) The pain of someone disenchanted with your wondrous tale, discomfits me, Yet are we not all critics of a sort. I always enjoy releasing a new book. Who knows what it may bring? I look forward to a new release almost as much as I dread the reviews. Yet this comes from me, the slightly different and unsusual, author rather than the really out there and so I have become the darling of the reviewers at the moment and for that I am grateful. I suspect that they are still rooting for the underdog.

That will change, it alwats dones. The greatest writers of the last three hundred years all had critics, some vociferous in thier denial of talent. I just think, read Melville or Conrad and you know. You know well that thay had the tale to tell. I claim neither to be Conrad nor Melville, I claim simply to be Raymond Walker who writes his small stories that many enjoy. For this I am grateful.

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