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What's Best? A physical book or a digital download?

I have the kindle app on my phone. Alas, as I age, I grow ever more myopic and despite having had cataract surgery on my eyes (which helped a great deal) I still need glasses and a phone screen, even a large phone screen is just a little too small for me.
I also have a Kindle or two as well as
A Kobo and they all are in a drawer in the bedroom. I mean to slight neither medium, but I just prefer physical books. There is no true reason for this preference other than I was reading from the pages of books for many years before there were e-readers.
I got used to turning pages, books balanced on my lap. I still like the feeling of a book, the smell, the touch. Growing old now I do not think that I will change.

An alternative view by my son, who asked for a "Kobo Mini" for his birthday way back when he was still at university. He had a rucksack filled with large volumes, editions, tomes, that he had to carry home and then study and then carry back to university again the next day a huge weight of books.
I remember asking where his voluminous rucksack was a few days later, Shaun (my son) just turned and patted the back pocket of his jeans. "Two thousand years of social history, philosophy and politics and all I have to do is remember to take it out of my jeans pocket when I sit down on the train".
Now that is a great argument for the e-reader wither on a tablet or phone.
Perhaps It is simply a matter of taste, upbringing
and the weight you need to carry.
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