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Why Is Scotland considered to be one of the most beautiful Countries in the world?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Come, visit, and you will see. Scotland is (perhaps) the most scenic country in Europe (though Austria and Norway may argue that point). Filled with Loch’s (lakes) and a
majestic history: the countryside is peppered with ancient monuments, standing stones, Broch’s, hillforts, Castles, Palaces, and the lavish manors of nobles. The soaring mountains (whilst not as massive as the Alps) are impressive and the rolling grasslands of Ayrshire are a peaceful tonic for any troubled soul. One of the longest coast lines in Europe is all you would expect; Fjords deeper and longer than most, Wildlife dissimilar to most of Nothern Europe and huge open spaces unexplored. A treat for the rambler or hillwalker.

We have beautiful cities such as Edinburgh, “Athens of the North” and the birthplace of the new renaissance. Glasgow and its wonderful architecture, exciting nightlife, and tremendous museums. We have churches, and abbeys that surpass most that the rest of the world can offer.
The birthplace of invention and Industry, Armies that conquered, writers rarely equaled, poetry and music that has stunned the writing world. Scotland is truly a place of wonders.
It is time you visited.
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Cheryl Camardo
Cheryl Camardo
16 jun 2023
Obtuvo 5 de 5 estrellas.

I'm definitely intrigued. Someday, I suppose. It sounds lovely, and I have a friend who visited a couple of years ago. She was head over heels, and her pictures were stunning!

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