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The Mistakes of the Past.

The Mistakes of the Past.

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Every night of the year Rob walks his dog down through the ancient forest to the shore where she chases the scents left by the seals, the foxes and wildcats, the otters and mink. His cat follows a similar trail, hunting the mice and voles following the dictates that he alone follows.. Tonight however, is going to differ from every other night, there is a creature in the forest of a kind that he and his animals have never known and this creature has a mission, a path, that may lead Rob astray.
The night darkens and Rob should seek the light but walks through the dark of the forest. The waves crash upon the beach furiously and so Rob should avoid them but still heads down to the shore, Rob meets a strange creature and should run away but he sits with her and listens.
Sometimes it is better not to listen, to avoid seeing, to not notice but Rob has already noticed and Listened. His fate is set.
A tale of mystery and imagination, a fantasy by Raymond Walker author of "The Secret Inside" and "He, who is Lost"

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