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Walking The Crow Road.

Walking The Crow Road.

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A collection of short and long stories, all set in Scotland, with a fantasy theme. 
This book has everything that you could ever wish for. The Darker tales; "The Medium", "Maeve" as well as the offshoots from "And the Sea shall give up it's Dead" are as dark as dark could be; a coal celler at midnight in the Arctic, in January. But do not worry; not all is doom and gloom, Another "Moonchild" Fantasy which is very sweet and romantic, along with a couple of "comic" tales, lift your spirits along the way.

"I love the sense of ancient Celtic fantasy, the unknown, being closer than we imagine, for good or ill. This is a wonder". Marielle Evans, Birdbox. Four stars.

I love this, absorbing, there is more to the world than the little we mortals know. Isak Mertyl. "Bright Life" Magazine. 

Added to this is the sweetest and prettiest, the least damaging of all horror tales. Essentialy this is a collection of short tales, all set in Scotland, most tend towards darkness though there are a couple of romances and a couple of comedies settled in the midst of the gloom. I hope that you enjoy them.

Ray T Walker.

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