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Physical book prices.

I am sorry for some of the higher prices, but printing and postage costs have increased dramatically and though I have taken on some of that burden myself I have also had to pass some of those increases along.


Cold Blue Eyes. 7.99

Mini Sagas, Micro fiction. 7.99
The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree. 8.99
"A Shiver" Anniversary edition 2022. 8.99
The Dread, Damnable and Macabre. 7.99
Hiding from the Light 8.99
He who is Lost £9.99
The Shed £4.99
Over the Tears of the Fallen £10.99
Winters Ghost £ 10.99
She Wept Black Tears £ 10.99
The river Girls torment £9.99
The Painting £7.99
A Crow's Feather. £7.99
My Peculiar Guinevere £9.99
Kilmartin (omnibus edition) £18.99
A Shiver. £7.99
The Quiet Snow £6.99 
Twisted Sisters £7.99
The Secret Inside £12.99
Life, Love and Death £6.99
Moonchild and other Tales £9.99
A Pale Shadow Creeps. £10.99
Nut Brown Eyes £7.99
The Miscast Fate £9.99
Tales from this Northern Land £7.99
Trow. Coffee table edition. 11.99

Walking the Crow road (is not available for purchase at this time).

Although currently advertised "The Dark Kind", "Mini Sagas collection 2", a collection of Flash Fiction and "Under Dark Skies" are not available until the release dates specified for each title. 


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