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Privacy Policy. The law dictates that I must produce a privacy policy and inform you or any other visitor to my website of it. But my privacy policy is pretty simple. I collect no information from you. I do not record your visits to my website, nor do I use cookies to track other information.  Third parties such as Apps may but you need to check out their individual terms and conditions if you should click into one. Currently I have no external apps on this site other than those supplied by my hosting package company. I am assured that my hosting company WIX also does not track you and so your anonymity is assured here.
Should I decide, in the future to collect information of any sort, all users will be informed in advance and no information will be stored without their express permission indicated by clicking such as an acceptance button. Permissions will not be assumed. 

Exceptions. There are no or few exceptions to the rules I have set out above. But I must Inform you that if you comment or interact on the forum (currently inactive)
 then your login details may be recorded. This function is not available currently but may be reactivated at some point in the future. Again, you and any user will be informed in advance of any changes and asked to accept them. 
Also, if you log in to my websites it is possible (though I am assured that it is unlikely) your information may be kept by the domain hosting company, but it will not be harvested by me or my websites.
Should I adapt or change these rules I will update and change this policy and inform people of these changes here on this page, with sufficient notice, and introduce click buttons accepting those changes. You are welcome to deny as well as accept any changes. You will be given the opportunity to decide for yourself which changes you will accept or deny before you are led anywhere. At no point will your information be harvested by me or my websites without your consent.


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