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56 Days to Halloween.

  • Already the veil; between the lands of the living and the dead, dissipates. Soon wraiths and shadows will be able to penetrate that gossamer sheet and enter our world. Then the larger and more powerful of the cursed; Dreads and minor daemons, Effrit and Djinn.

  • Closer still to Samhain the faerie mounds will appear and the host will ride forth causing ill luck and abundant riches to those they dislike or favour.

    • Tinkers will darken your door with an offer of shears sharpened or pots mended, gypsies will be seen far and wide, carts slowing traffic and bonfires at sunset. Dogs will howl and cats will find a warm place in a hayloft and wait till the veil again gains substance. The shadows will fade into night, the daemons banished except for those lucky enough to have found human form.

    • For another year.

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