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Why would we be? There is a universe out there, quasars, pulsars, nebulous clouds and perhaps even species without number. Why do we think we are so cool that they would want to get to know us. In fact we live close to a very average white dwarf star in a pretty much unexciting spiral arm of a pretty average galaxy. There is a very good chance that many planets, moons and even gas giants harbour life in our own galaxy and given that we still know so little about the building blocks of life. Perhaps there is flora and fauna on almost every habitable planet. Approx 36 billion in our galaxy alone. Why bother with us? I think we are just a tad self absorbed there. pretentious and a tad vain. If i had the galaxy to roam never mind the universe i wouldnt be bothered with a tiny blue green planet on the fringes circling a white dwarf. Hey do you ever think to your self that i will go to the end of the street on holiday? No you go to somewhere strange new exotic. Hmmmm, i rest my case me lurd.

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