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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

"Trow" means nothing to most people and why should it, a "Trow" was a minor "Celtic" beast that haunted dark places. Perhaps better known by the Scandinavian term "Drow", a lesser troll, or "Barrow Weight" in old English or Anglo Saxon.

There were many long and sometimes heated discussions before this title was chosen. Most were against it, as you can imagine, it is not descriptive in any way, it gives no guide to the nature of the book, It is just a word that very few know. Me, being me, liked the idea for a number of reasons. I focused on it initialy because no one had a better idea, then, I like the fact that the title is esoteric and few (including me) will be able to garner a meaning from it. I am a thinker, one that ponders upon things and (of course) knowing the nature of the book, thought this title appropriate. A "Trow" is an an awkward, mishcevious being, neither powerful nor smart. Yet it is dark and forlorn, The kind of beast that would cause many of the troubles that this book encompasses. The more I considered things, the more I thought of myself as a "Trow" wearing human skin.

Soon you will be able to buy this book. Soon you will see why that title was chosen.

Oh and I have another little thing going on. The titles of my books have been longer for a long time. Think back, "A Shiver", "Cornelius" lol- then many years later you get, "Over the Tears of the Fallen" the first volume in a trilogy titled "And The sea shall give up it's Dead. you get the premise.

So a simple title, If indecipherable to most.

But do not be surprised if there is a re-release in the near future with a more sensibile title.


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