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A Pale shadow Creeps into the night.

  1. I know I wrote this book so long ago now that I would normally have signed off on it on long ago. I have; on many other old novels and short story collections and It was my intention to just let this one lapse and fade away as most old novels do unless they are exceptional in some way. Just as those thoughts were entering my mind, Just as they were playing on the edges of my thought I received a call from my publisher asking if I would be willing to do an anniversary edition of this book, It has now been fifteen years since it was written and at the time I was producing a morass of stuff, some good, some not so. My worry that this book is not good enough for an anniversary edition, was set aside with thoughts of what I could do to it to make it great. Sure it sold well but I was not that impressed with it. It was the best I could produce to a close deadline as I was doing a hundred other things at the time.

  2. In the end I was slightly disappointed with the novel. Such a good idea, I imagined but not enough to drag readers in.

  3. I was mistaken there as this book has sold rather well but I have never thought that It lived up to its publicity.

  4. Anyway.

  5. I have accepted the challenge and this book will arise anew from the ashes towards the end of this year. Do expect it to be substantially different.

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