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Aftershocks By Marco Kloos

Forget sci-fi, forget mayhem, forget the writer trying to fox the ultra intelligent hard sci-fi reader. In fact forget all you know about science fiction for Mr Kloos does not follow any of the rules. Rather in his own quiet, scene building, plot developing way he creates an almost "first" world war tale with Germany (sorry) Gretia having lost the war, occupied now by the allied forces (should I name and ascribe them) having to pay reparations to the other countries, sorry, planets and no longer having an army (are you shocked?) but a stabilizing police force instead. This may be predictable and Mr Kloos following an age old plan but that does not take away from the fact that this is a very enjoyable (if rather twee) sci-fi romp. I really enjoyed it. It was like returning to the sixties or even the fifties for me. EE Doc Smith jumps to mind. Mr Kloos delivers an enjoyable read. I just bought the next one.

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