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All that I love. was mine for around fifteen years but I had to give it up as the web host was charging a great deal of money for little in return. I was mainly self-publishing at the time and so the cost became prohibitive. So I took a .com and started Check it out. It is a good website and .com's were the in thing.

Yet It is me and I never yearned for an international audience (though my books sell very well in the US and Canada these days) nor a bestseller as many do. Rather I like producing my rather quaint "faerie tale" romances and Gothic horror for a home grown audience. Most are peculiarly Scottish. and so I missed

But now it is back, sure, in a sketchy form at the moment but more and more will appear on the site over the coming weeks. I am looking forward to writing the content., will continue as my international site. My blog will appear simultaneously on both sites as well as,, and I think there are a few others. (I lose track of them) and will still remain in the same format. I enjoy writing it.

Historic sales are doing well on the majority of my back catalogue and with the advance for a new novel in pocket, the publishers splurged and bought my old website back. I have only started buggering around with it (all the old stuff was erased) but you will see all sorts of stuff appearing there soon. In the meantime if you wish to buy a book they are always available on and Amazon, just look up Raymond Walker and click on author page.

Sorry for rattling on, if you are not a book lover then I know this will have bored you to tears but if you are then you will understand how excited I am.

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