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An Idyllic retreat or hell on earth?

An online friend of mine and accomplished author posted this. Olivia Rytwinski. You are invited to stay at a Lakeland cottage for a month. No Wi-Fi. What would you take with you? One Luxury Item, One Book and one edible treat. What would you choose?

My answer was

Lol- I once lived in a cottage such as this except the roof was corrugated tin and the water behind was the North Atlantic Ocean. I was only Twelve and at that time my favorite book was "Watership Down" My luxury item of the time was probably that my dad had a car (not all had) and my edible treat "Sherbet Strawberries" bought from Borthwick's sweet shop, a long drive away in Longrow, Campbeltown.

Now. a great deal older, I still love places like this, the book would be "The Crow Girl" by Erik Axel Sund, The Luxury Item would be a rich Argentinian beefsteak red wine and the Edible treat lol perhaps still strawberry sherbets.

What would your answer be?

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