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Aurora Jean Alexander

Normally from me what do you see? My books, my ideas, my reviews, me, me, me. A litany of me and I am not particularly interesting, So I am doing a guest post and advertising another author's works.

I met Ms. Alexander online several years ago and was impressed with a dedication to her chosen genre, the time and effort she showed in each novel. Those that have read "Nut Brown Eyes" and "The Crows Feather" know that I sometimes drift into the field of paranormal romance but here you are going to meet a master of the art. One week from today (Friday the eleventh of February) you will see a synopsis of her work along with a few comments from yours truly. Dinnie worry; I will try to keep my comments to a minimum whilst letting you know of Aurora Jean Alexander and her enchanting novels.

A little taste of the delights to come.

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