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Bleating on about Scot’s Independence

Personally I have never been in favour of Independence for Scotland even though it would mean no conservatives in charge ever again which I consider very much the only argument of worth in favour that I could come up with and it is an important argument. I would very much like to be in a position where we are not lead by the rich who (with very few exceptions- though I admit that there are some) are very much out for themselves. So normally anything that would limit the power of the Tories over my future and the future of others would very much appeal to me. Independence however, is not the way to go. Had I any doubt about this then for the reason I gave before I would give it a chance, perhaps. However any doubts I had in my mind were sealed today with the comments of a European vice president quoted in the Scotsman today as having said; France and Spain “will surely not” accept an independent Scotland (into the European Union).

I was already worried, for obvious reasons about severing our ties with the United Kingdom. Worried about defence, Jobs, spending, our huge social services bill, the balance of industry, trade partnerships that would be destroyed, our currency and the state of our banks. To sever the same ties with our largest trading partner (by far- Europe) would be nothing other than financial suicide. I urge every thinking person not to just have a gut reaction but rather think of the possible consequences of a yes vote. The more I know the more I think a yes vote would cause hardship, instability, a dramatic reduction in trading increasing our national debt which would already be astronomical. Ceasing EEC trade with Europe could well sound a death knell to a fledgling democracy especially one whose fortunes are so deeply tied with Europe at the moment.

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