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Book Review "Melmoth" by Sarah Perry.

Some one, I do not recall who, suggested the works of "Sarah Perry" to me and I am grateful for the suggestion. (thank you, whoever you are).

"Melmoth" starts darkly but meekly, no big lead in line or hook that some writers use. The premise of the story is simple; The Resurrection of Jesus, was witnessed by four women, three saw Jesus resurrected, one did not. For this sin "Melmoth" was doomed to walk the face of the earth alone, ever walking, ever watching for those so forlorn there is no saving them "Melmoth", ever lonely, wishes their company, trying with every deceit to draw those lonely souls to her.

Set, in the majority, in a modern Prague but echoing the terrible history of that wonderful city. In each of the concentric tales a story is told of the sins committed by each of the characters, all believable, all understandable, all heart breaking. I shall tell you no more of the tale, rather I will let you discover it for yourselves for this is a tale worth reading.

Sarah Parry's writing style is different from most, clever and concise, whilst fanciful on occasion. Just right for this rather Gothic tale, in my opinion. Unsure at first, I learned to love her peculiar first person take with each character and her remote take on the world as it exists.

I will be reading others.

Now the one downside to a wonderful novel is that there are few passages allowing you respite from the doom laden atmosphere. I suspect that that "Albina Horakova" was placed in the subject matter to create a foil, such as "Lord Henry" in "A Picture of Dorian Gray" but though she, at times, lightens an always dark mood does little to overcome it.

Do not let this put you off the book, this is an excellent novel and well worth a read. An exceptional writer and creator.

Sarah Perry will not be the nations replacement for "Terry Pratchett"

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