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There will be a new book out this year after all. I had despaired at one point of ever having a book published again. It was so difficult doing anything during lock-down. I did not write as much as you would imagine, my worries and woes taking hold rather than allowing me to be creative even though i had more time on my hands than is the norm. I suspect all had. Yet this time did not pass without bearing some fruit.

I wrote most of "Branguiel" during the lock-down when my mind had little to do other than think. On my own, no contact with others my mind had the time to range freely and so was born the Branguiel.

I will post more on this forthcoming book soon and give you a real run down on it but it is too early at this time to run down the details, Post productions requests for Reviews etc have been sent out but everything is moving so slowly at the moment. More soon. I promise.

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