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Cleaning up a skull.

Craft Talk.

The layman's guide to cleaning up a skull.

Remove all extraneous material from the skull (set aside for later use).

The gristle, fat, brain, and spinal tissue can be boiled down into a thick syrupy tallow which can then be mixed with the blood and hair of the victim. Allow to cool and congeal for some time whilst making a mould (I am sure that you can buy them on e-bay now for those who do not enjoy crafts or are too busy killing to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labours). Set aside the extra blood.

Just add a retainer and wick and you have candles that are guaranteed to smoke a great deal, smell noxious and summon Asaroth or Samameil when they are required.

Both Daemons are particularly handy for cleaning the smoke stains from the ceiling after burning the candles.

Time to go out into the woods. You need to do this at midnight on a full moon (yes you have to refrain from wild sexual abandon for the night. stop complaining it is only one night in a month, Sheesh)

Gather the willow wands and frame them into the shape of a face. It is easy and with little effort you have an effigy that can be used for all sorts of fun.

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Use the blood you have saved, tendons and eyes (that we saved from earlier) remember? And insert them into the frame. You have only to use a little hex then to have complete control of whoever you want leading to endless hours of fun.

I particularly enjoy the unexpected erection when my husband is hugging his mother.

The inexplicable break-dancing

by my mother when she has not seen the grand-kids for a while.

My cute best friend, pulling faces and sticking her tongue out when on a first date (strange thing is the guys seem to still date her).

Oh, and then just put the skulls in the dishwasher.

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