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Dark Is the Grave By TG Reid.

I only darken the door of crime and detective writers when I cannot find anything else to read that is slightly more educational or appeals to my inherent strangeness. Rarely are there enough thoughtful or intrinsically strange books of this kind to satisfy my needs. But I read a great deal and so inevitably pick up some crime fiction here and there. Light reading.

Unable to find something to read that I truly desired one day on Amazon I plunked for TG Reid's "Dark is the Grave".

There are now many Scots fiction writers in the detective/ mystery/ chiller genres, and many are rather good in my opinion. TG Reid is an excellent writer for the chosen genre, clipped Hemmingway style journalistic prose, with excellent plotting and planning. Was the novel good? I have just bought the second in the series, so I obviously thought so.

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