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DCI Logan

I have just completed the third novel In J.D. Kirk’s “DCI Logan” crime drama series. The three novel set consists of “A Litter of Bones, Thicker Than Water and The Killing Code”.

A straightforward crime drama peopled with easily relatable characters. “Logan” has echoes of “Taggart”, “Rebus” and “Walker” (trial and retribution) but is his own man. Simple and complex enough to be easily relatable as are his investigative team.

The stories are well told, the plotting and pace of the tales, whilst well-formed, are easy to follow but filled with content.

Do not expect anything spectacular, strange ideas or sparkling innovative ideas or wordforms. Expect instead, a well-told tale with good characters, excellent plotting and a little humor


I have thoroughly enjoyed this crime drama. So much so I have just bought the next three novels.

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