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Dean Koontz Frankenstein.

What do you say about this series? Dean Koontz an excellent thriller writer re-portrays Frankenstein's monster as a pulp fiction superhero named Deucalion.

Pulp fiction at it’s glorious best (and worst). This “light” fiction does not drag you deep into the characters or indeed; the story but it does keep you reading. Comic book in style and content it is (none the less) an enjoyable read.

Mr Koontz has always had the talent for writing a gripping novel and this (despite being silly fluff) will still carry you onward. A testament to Mr Koontz’s talent. You will never leave this five book series with unanswered questions or deep thoughts but if you are just looking for some light horror reading to send you off to sleep at night then this is the series for you.

The sad thing is; if you have read other of Mr Koontz works you know he can do much better.

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