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Dog In Dishwasher (as a writing prompt)

When I first worked on animal mechanical cohesion through genetic and biological capability, It came easy, snails and slugs are easily compatible, combining large DNA loops, growing genetic material that combines connectivity with electrical impulses was also easy, after all our brain is a hardwired connection of electrically discharged synapses.

But connect the biological, the electrical, with the mechanical is the work of Magic.

Years and years and years of study until I achieved that genetic/biological growth, a lifetime of work.

Cats were of no use to me, the brain small the natural impulse to hunt strong, but dogs, dogs were the thing. Dogs had become entwined with humanity, programmed to please, bred to suit our purpose. Companionship, guiding the blind, searching out the unruly, the evil the drug dealers.

It took little thought but a great deal of science to remove the dogs head whilst maintaining it's natural instincts. No longer do we have to measure the time the dishwasher takes, Rover does that for us.Rex checks out the washing machine and Fido the microwave. Welcome to the future my friends. Headless dogs will replace Alexa, Siri, and OK google in the very near future. Have you bought a headless dog? You will soon.

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