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Echoes of the Great Song. David Gemmell.

David Gemmell is nothing less than a master within his favored genre. His blend of Historical fiction and fantasy is rarely paralleled and never surpassed though many make valiant attempts to steal his crown. This (rare) stand alone novel shines as so many of his works do. Obvious fantasy themes, romance, swords and sorcery and heroism are interspersed with redemption tales and comfortable love lifting him higher than your "average" or even your "good" fantasy author.

Here his tale of (unspecified) humanoid aliens/Atlanteans/mythical human gods, protecting vassal peoples in self interest that becomes self sacrifice is excellent, believable and almost enviable.

The story is told with Mr Gemmell's usual panache; making martyrs of Villains and heroes from the average and the ill considered, yet again it works. An excellent novel.

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