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For the young adult or Teen looking for a cool Space Opera.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars: Christopher Paolini

This, for me, is a strange book to review. A cross between an exceptional but naive foray into the science fiction world whilst at times being a thoughtful “teen” novel. I do not really know what to say about it. I will try to be honest but do not be surprised if my comments contradict themselves.

Firstly, this is an enjoyable and easy to read sci-fi romp. A romance, a pseudo “hard” sci-fi, opera. There was a great deal to like in this novel, the romance was cleverly written in a Romeo and Juliet style with Sci-fi written in. The writing always clear and easy to read sometimes lacked expression but was never stretched. The forays into “hard “sci-fi” were quite good, I enjoyed the “ship mind” sequences (lol- Iain M Banks- it was not) and the whole tale in general.

This is a good first novel for the adult market from an accomplished writer who seems to hone his work with each novel produced. Give this a read. Await some great work from this author in the future.

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